How to get a free pizza from Domino's if you have student loans

Along with the return of PSLs, Uggs, and scarves this fall, many Americans have been forced to accept a less-than-welcome and less-comfortable addition to their lives: student loans. To help soften the blow to the wallet, a major pizza chain is introducing a unique service.

Domino's Pizza announced on October 25 that it will offer $1 million worth of free pizza to anyone with a student loan payment through a program called “Domino's Emergency Pizza for Student Loans.”

The offer is part of a recent emergency pizza promotion that offers a free medium two-topping pizza on eligible digital orders of $7.99 or more made within 30 days of claiming the offer.

Domino's Pizza has announced that it will offer $1 million worth of free pizza to anyone with student loan payments in a “Domino's Student Loan Emergency Relief” initiative.Provided by Domino's Pizza

“Student loan payments have started again for millions of Americans, and we wanted to do our own small part to help by using the power of pizza to do something good for our customers,” Kate Trumbull, senior vice president and chief brand officer at Domino's, said in a press release. “When life takes a loan, Domino's gives you free pizza!”

Domino's Student Loan Emergency Pizza Program differs from the original program in a few ways. First, this program does not require a purchase. You can simply visit the dedicated website to apply for a free medium-sized two-topping pizza. Also, this student loan pizza is In addition Get free emergency pizza: If Sallie Mae is knocking on your door, you can get two free pizzas.

Domino's Pizza offers pizza to its customers as an economic comfort food.Provided by Domino's Pizza

Starting October 25, Domino's Pizza will be giving away a limited number of free student loan emergency pizza codes each day until all of the $1 million worth of free pizza codes (67,205 free pizzas) are redeemed. The exact number is 4,200 codes per day, which according to the company's website, is equivalent to $62,000, or roughly two-thirds of one year's tuition at an Ivy League university.

How to sign up to get free pizza

To get the Domino's Emergency Pizza for Student Loans reward, simply visit Domino's rewards page and fill out the application form. Customers don't have to join the rewards program, but they do need to verify the email address they provided.

If a code is available that day, you'll receive an email with a free pizza code that you can use on your next online pick-up or delivery order within 30 days. Please note that you must meet the store's delivery minimum requirements to qualify for the free pizza for delivery.

The first day's codes were claimed as quickly as people applying for student loan forgiveness, but don't worry: Domino's Pizza says that if you get a message that the day's codes are no longer available, you'll have another chance to try. Through November 9, fans can earn one code each day starting at 12 p.m. ET.

To apply for Domino's Student Loan Emergency Pizza Program or get more information about the program, visit .

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