8 Reasons to Love Homefront, Domino's New Destination for Design-Curious People

Are you as crazy about design as Domino's editors are? If the answer is yes, we hope you've already signed up. Homefrontis your free weekly newsletter that gives you in-depth coverage of hot trends, comebacks, interiors, and the latest design. Bed rotting goes chic, sporty style, and coffee tables become canvases for art. Now we're bringing you more. Home front. our $5/month Enthusiast subscriptions will launch this June with perks like the second Sunday edition and exclusive discounts. Learn more here.

We know inbox space is a valuable commodity, so we've compiled eight compelling reasons why you should subscribe now. Homefront This is a must read for those who:

1. You like being a friend in the know.

We love the excitement of discovering something for the first time, and maybe you do too. Homefront Here you'll find out about new designs, upcoming trends, and returning styles before they're published anywhere else. Bonus: Dedicated subscribers get in-depth trend reports every season that they can purchase and save for later.

2. You want to connect with people who are as interested in interiors as you are.

We feel the same way. Homefront It's the place where design lovers like us can go crazy together. Candle sconces! Surprising red theories on TikTok! We dig it all.

If you use the internet, you must have heard of Girls Masemati. Home Front, We're design maths: Every week we dig into product categories, like chunky wicker sofas and chrome-framed chairs, to come up with the best options, whether you're looking to save or splurge.

4. The Discover page is no longer enough design inspiration.

The problem with going hyper-online is that eventually everything starts to look the same. HomefrontWe promise to wow you every week with fresh ideas we find in real life, thoroughly researching them. Today you might have the baby blues, tomorrow you might haveā€¦ well, you'll have to subscribe to find out.

5. I want to know more about the Domino Editor.

You'll read Domino's latest stories and follow us on social media, but that's only a small part of how fun and opinionated we are: Every week you'll hear directly from a different editor, getting to know them and their style on a deeper level.

6. I'm always interested in getting the opinion of design professionals.

new Homefront When you subscribe to Enthusiast, you'll hear directly from the designers, trendsetters and style icons who are shaping the way we see our homes. What ideas, products and projects are captivating them right now? Find out in our Sunday edition, exclusive to Enthusiast.

7. I can't resist a good deal.

As an aficionado, you'll get exclusive discounts on your favorite home brands, plus first access to their latest product collaborations (by the way, don't miss the just-launched Domino x Heather Taylor home collection).

8. You have a passionate opinion of your own and would like to share it.

That's fine, because this is the place to vent it. Homefront We're giving you the opportunity to give your opinion on what you personally like (or don't like so much) right now, and we can't wait to hear what you think.

So let's subscribe Homefront!

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