Domino's Pizza Discovers New York Style Pizza

There are so many regional pizza styles that it can be difficult to tell them all apart, but New York-style pizza has many characteristics that make it unique. It features a thin crust with puffy edges, a perfect ratio of fresh tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese, and wide slices that are perfect for folding and eating. Global pizza chain Domino's Pizza has finally decided to recreate this charm and introduce New York style pizza to its menu. And yes, Domino's wants you to fold its pizzas the way New Yorkers do (which makes the larger slices easier to handle).

Considering how famous New York-style pizza is, it's surprising that Domino's doesn't already offer a version of it. New York Style Pizza is now on the menus of the largest pizza chains, allowing more people to experience New York Style Pizza. The pizzas are thin-crust, made with a blend of 100% mozzarella and provolone cheese, and the biggest selling point is the giant foldable slices, according to an email Mash received. Usually Domino's pizza is cut into 8 pieces, but this New York style pizza is cut into 6 pieces. It might be big enough to hang off your plate, like a New York slice. This pizza will be on sale from his April 15th. For those who want to order pizza, he sells a large New York-style pizza with three toppings for $10.99.

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What is the difference between Domino's New York style pizza?

person folding pizza slicesperson folding pizza slices

Person folding pizza slices – Domino's Pizza

Many other pizza chains have capitalized on the popularity of New York-style pizza before Domino's came along. Papa John's will debut its take on New York pizza in 2021, and Pizza Hut's '90s “The Big New Yorker” pizza will return to the menu in 2023. Like Domino's Pizza, both of these pizza chains strongly emphasized that their New York-style pizzas were extra large and folded. -Friendly.

Now that Domino's Pizza is finally introducing NY Pizza, the question arises, “Is there anything that makes this pizza different from other pizzas that have been sold before?” Like all Domino's pizza dough, NY-style pizza dough is made from fresh dough that has never been frozen. It also uses Domino's hand-tossed crust manufacturing method (as opposed to a homemade bread crust that's pressed into a frying pan), resulting in a thinner, crispier texture.

Domino's Pizza does not have a consistent cheese blend used on its pizzas, but typically includes a combination of mozzarella and provolone, cheddar, feta, or asiago cheese. Similarly, choose a blend of mozzarella and provolone for New York-style pizza. This pizza may have many elements of what Domino's has always offered, but CEO Russell Weiner says it's a “balance of dough, sauce, cheese, and toppings in every bite.” explains what makes this pie stand out.

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