Explaining the Clone Wars and what happened to them


  • Featuring Echo and Fives, the Domino Squad faced tragedy and triumph during the Clone Wars, forging an inseparable bond through their experiences.
  • Thought to be dead, Echo was actually a prisoner of the Techno Union and joined Clone Force 99, forming a special bond with the members.
  • Fives, the last survivor of the Domino Squad, uncovers a dangerous truth about the Inhibitor Chip and ultimately sacrifices himself to save others.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars It introduced audiences to many different new clones, but none met a fate as tragic as the Domino Squad. Domino Squad is made up of five of his clones, and viewers follow their journey as they complete their training on Kamino, complete their first mission, and beyond. Domino Squad includes his two fan-favorite clones, Echo and Fives. Although they are the most well-known, they would not have gotten this far without their experience with the team.

Domino Squad was originally introduced in the episode “Clone Cadet”. For most of his first three seasons, clone wars is not listed chronologically, so “Clone Cadet” is listed as Season 3, Episode 1, while its sister episode “The Rookies” is listed as Season 1, Episode 5. Domino Squad also formed a close relationship with the flawed 99. A clone who lived on Kamino and led the cleaning crew. Domino Squad is followed by a wild ride filled with high notes and very low bass.


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Star Wars: The Clone Wars is released asynchronously, so the correct viewing order is required to understand the various plotlines.

Five Echo (CT-1409)

Echo was lost in the Citadel arc of The Clone Wars.

CT-1409, also known as Echo, was a member of the Domino Squad and loved following orders, often repeating them, hence his nickname Echo. Along with Fives, he is able to survive the attack on the Rishi outpost seen in The Rookies, and eventually joins Captain Rex of the 501st Legion. Echo and Fives were eventually promoted again by Rex, this time to ARC Troopers, or Advanced Recon Commandos. During his time as an ARC trooper, Echo gained many combat and resonance skills, which he has recently put to full use. bad batch Season 3.

in clone wars In the Season 3 arc, Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi lead a dangerous mission to the Citadel, a nearly impenetrable Separatist prison. They were tasked with rescuing Jedi Master Even Piel and Captain Tarkin. While trying to escape from prison and hijack a ship, Echo is believed to have died after the ship exploded.. Echo's body was never seen, but his helmet fell near Fives' feet.like many things Star Warsif a character's corpse doesn't appear on screen, they might still be alive – and this was true for Echo as well.

Echo finds a second home with Clone Force 99

Echo of the evil group ``Star Wars'' holding up helmets in front of the clone army

Echo (CT-1409)

created by
Dave Filoni

Dee Bradley Baker


It became clear in clone wars Season 7 depicts that Echo was actually captured by the Techno Union and his brain was used to create an algorithm to predict Republic tactics. Rex notices this and goes on a rescue mission with Anakin Skywalker and Clone Force 99. Echo lost both of his legs and an arm when he was presumed dead, but they were replaced with cybernetics. After helping the Republic take over the planet Anaxes, Echo no longer fits in with the regulated clones and decides to join the Bad Batch.

Echo becomes an important part of Clone Force 99, forming a special bond with all the other members.

Echo will continue to be an important part of Clone Force 99, forming special bonds with all of the other members, including young Omega. however, bad batch In Season 2, Echo decides to leave Clone Force 99 and join Captain Rex, who was trying to free as many clones as possible.in bad batch In Season 3, Echo returns and helps Batch find Mount Thantis in order to rescue Omega and the clones trapped there.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 3 poster shows battle-damaged clone helmet

Star Wars: The Bad Batch

Dee Bradley Baker, Michelle Ang, Nosheer Dalal, Liam O'Brien, Rhea Perlman, Sam Riegel, Bob Bergen, Gwendolyn Yeo


show runner
Dave Filoni

Four Five (CT-5555)

Fives joins Rex's ARC troopers.

After the attempted invasion of Kamino, Echo and Fives were promoted to ARC troopers for their bravery. Five remained with the 501st through many disastrous battles, including the fateful Battle of Umbara. Fives was one of the soldiers sent by Rex to capture an enemy ship against General Pon Krell's orders. This act of courage and defiance ultimately saved the lives of many clones, not just those of the 501st.

Following Echo's death, Fives was the only survivor of the Domino Squad. Fives was able to form strong bonds with his other brothers in the 501st, and he became especially close to Rex. Even though Fives had brothers, it's hard to imagine that he ever got over the pain of losing his original team.

Fives' story is one of the most tragic cloning stories

Fives are scanned

when clone wars Season 6 has arrived and an arc revolving around Five has arrived. After Tapp, another member of the 501st, killed a Jedi, Fives decided to secretly investigate why Tapp would randomly attack his own general. Fives learned the truth after he received assistance from the droid AZI-3 during his return to Kamino. It turns out that all clones are born with an inhibitor chip in their brains that, when activated, essentially causes them to lose free will. Upon learning of this, Fives removes his own suppressor chip and flees.

Although Rex did not know the full extent of what Fives revealed, it ultimately saved him and Ahsoka Tano from death following the execution of Order 66.

Fives is eventually captured and begs Anakin Skywalker and Rex to talk to him, but it is too late. Fives would die in Rex's arms. Although Rex did not know the full extent of what Fives revealed, it ultimately saved him and Ahsoka Tano from death following the execution of Order 66. Fives died thinking he had failed, And while he couldn't save most of his brothers from the Inhibitor Chip, he was able to at least save important clones like Rex, and many others in the future.

Captain Rex Ahsoka Star Wars Poster

captain rex

Dee Bradley Baker

Clone Army, Rebel Alliance


3 Cut up (CT-4040)

Cutup's name comes from its tongue-in-cheek attitude.

star wars clone cadet

For most of the episode “Clone Cadet”, Cutup had no name until he was mocked by Brick, the bounty hunter who was in charge of training him and the other clones. He stated that the cut-ups' inability to take anything seriously was the reason his unit failed and never entered combat. Although Brick was unnecessarily harsh towards Cut-Up, he and Domino Squad became one of the best clone troops Jedi Master Shaak Ti had ever seen, and ultimately sought revenge. I accomplished it.

In “Rookies” Kaup was one of four clones who survived the initial attack by Separatist droids. However, upon exiting the underground tunnel, they remembered that the Rishi Eel was lurking. A few seconds later, an eel appeared, snatched the cut-up, and ate it. Fives, Echo, and Heavy try to save Cutup by shooting the eel, but are unable to do so. Katupu's death was horrific, but it was somewhat fitting. Katupu is known for his tongue-in-cheek demeanor, and the timing of the comment about the eel and Katupu's subsequent death is meant to be humorous, even if it is gross.


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2 Droid Bait (CT-00-2010)

Droidbait was the first member of Domino Squad to die.

Clone Troopers The Clone Wars 03x01

Droid Bait got its name from its repeated use to draw out droid fire during Domino Squad training. Among the Domino Squad, Droid Bait was the only clone that didn't have as much of a unique character as his brothers, but he was still an important part of the squad. In fact, the whole thing automatically failed, as droid Bait was injured during the team's final test and was left out of training.

Droidbait heads to the Rishi outpost with the rest of Domino Squad. However, after the first separatist attack, Droid Bait was one of the clones sent to investigate and was killed shortly after the blast door opened.. Droid Bait and the other clones were able to keep the droid occupied long enough to allow Fives, Echo, Cutup, and Heavi to escape.

1 Heavy (CT-782)

The transformed clone sacrificed his life for his brother.

When Hevy appeared in “The Clone Cadet,” he was a loner. He didn't think he needed a brother, and he was pretty sure he was better off living alone. Named for his love of heavy weapons, Heavy initially rejected his own name, preferring instead to be referred to by his clone designation number. After considering leaving Domino Squad as an independent, the flawed Clone 99 convinced Heavy to stay. After his graduation Heavy gave 99 his graduation medal and told 99 to keep it until he returned..

The Bad Batch, also known as Clone Force 99, is named after 99.

In “The Rookies”, Hevy escapes the initial Separatist attack and eventually returns to the outpost with Echo, Fives, Captain Rex, and Commander Cody. She planted a bomb to send a signal to the rest of the Republic fleet, but the detonator failed and Hevy was left behind. Heavy was shot multiple times, but before the droids could decide what to do with him, he announced that they had taken no prisoners and had blown up his outpost and saved his brothers.

The Domino Squad is the only group of clones that audiences can follow from their time on Kamino to their time in service to the Republic. Although certain members were killed off fairly quickly, this move helped humanize the clones. Although they were irreplaceable, they had emotions and were people to root for. Echo's fate has not yet been revealed, but bad batch Season 3 may conclude the story of the Domino Squad. clone wars has many meaningful character arcs, but one of the most tragic is the rise and fall of the Domino Squad.

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Star Wars: The Clone Wars

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