Bryn Whitfield found this on-trend paint color for her closet

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When Bryn Whitfield lived in a cozy one-bedroom apartment in Manhattan, getting dressed was like going to a Barry's Bootcamp class. Whenever I wanted heels, I had to climb a ladder that led to the storage space in the loft above my bedroom door. What if she wants a sweater? She'll probably have to crawl under the bed and sift through some trash cans (or maybe walk all the way to a mini storage unit in Manhattan). Those days are over. Because, in case you missed it, real housewives of new york The star recently moved into a much larger space. That space is actually equipped with a walk-in closet where she can store her belongings.

orange closet

Provided by Bryn Whitfield
green office

Provided by Bryn Whitfield

But before filling out her new closet with wardrobes, Whitfield needed an important upgrade: paint. “The journey to this color was a bumpy one, to say the least,” she tells Domino. First, she painted the built-ins with an orange lacquer finish. The idea was that the space would be inspired by Hermès, but in reality it “looked more like a pumpkin patch,” she admits. She quickly switched to Prada-esque mint green, which also turned out to be a big deal. “At this point, I hired a painter off Craigslist and took a breather and went to Farrow & Ball on 22nd Street,” she recalls.

purple closet

Provided by Bryn Whitfield

Whitfield is no stranger to the British brand's colors. She painted both the kitchen in her old apartment and the bedroom in her new place pink. She was browsing through fan decks and she was drawn to the color, brinjal, a reddish eggplant color that she saw her friend Jason Saft using recently. I noticed. “His results were great, so I thought I'd give it a try. Also, people often misspell my name as 'Bryn' at Starbucks, so I thought it made sense.” she said with a laugh.

purple closet

Provided by Bryn Whitfield
blobs of purple paint

Brinjal, Farrow & Ball


Once the colors were decided, Whitfield thought strategically about which finishes to use and where. We chose the company's full-gloss treatment for the wood cabinets, ceilings, and trim. During that time, she finished the walls with a dead-flat (or matte) finish. “The most surprising and fun thing about Brinjal is that the colors look so different between the two finishes,” she says. “It still looks beautiful and suits me, but [there are] Full gloss has a more reddish undertone, while dead flat has a deeper purple. ”

Recent eggplant sightings

Whitfield wasn't the only one fascinated by moody colors. I've been seeing it in all kinds of projects lately. Marie Cloud, a Charlotte, North Carolina-based interior designer for Indigo Pruitt, flooded an entire home movie theater in Brinjal in preparation for the 2023 Southeastern Designer Showhouse in Atlanta. I made it. The merlot-tinged color was perfect for the space she envisioned, where people could gather while drinking wine. Plus, “using jewel tones adds a sense of security to her body,” she says.

The paint color is also suitable for DIY. Lea Jose showed us the same thing when she renovated the bathroom in her Houston home and covered the molding on her chair rail with color. At first, she was worried that the dark colors would make the small, windowless space feel smaller, but it actually added depth.

It seems like yesterday that Farrow & Ball's Dead Salmon was everywhere: in laundry rooms, kitchens, and play areas. Oh, how the color wheel rotated.

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