Do they like my handmade cards?

Dear Anne: I know this topic has been beaten to death, but I'm still asking for advice. For over 25 years I have been designing and making all of my greeting cards by hand using rubber stamps, dyes and coloring tools. Making a card takes a long time and I really enjoy the process.

I have two children, two children each. One is a son and the other is a daughter. My daughter's teenage daughter always thanks me for the cards. My son's kids are slightly younger, but never, and I mean literally “never.” I bought store-bought cards as gifts for them on their birthdays last year. I'm waiting for the day when my son asks why.

Do I tell the truth and say my feelings are hurt and I'm no longer expecting a response that never comes, or do I make up some story about not having time (or whatever)? The grandchildren did not live close together, so there was no comparison. It makes me sad that they don't appreciate what I do. — Sad and hurt grandma

Dear grieving and hurting grandma: Expressing your feelings openly is often the best approach. Share with your son the fun you had while making these cards and how you noticed a difference in reactions. This isn’t blame; This is to express how much a simple acknowledgment means to you. It’s okay to set expectations of gratitude, and it can be a valuable lesson for your grandchildren. It’s respect and recognition of someone’s time and effort. You should be appreciated for your acts of love.

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