Domino's welcomes increased sugar shipments as Baltimore distribution channel reopens

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Domino Sugar on Wednesday received its first large shipment of raw sugar since the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapsed in Baltimore last month.

The shipment was delivered by the bulk carrier Jonathan, which makes regular deliveries to Domino's refineries in Baltimore and Yonkers, N.Y. The 362-foot-long, 74-foot-wide ship transported the cargo through a recently opened, 20-foot-deep channel in the Port of Baltimore.

“We are pleased to have her back as she will be delivering raw sugar grown and milled by ASR Group's parent company in Florida,” the spokesman said.

A spokesman for American Sugar Refining Group, which owns Domino's, said the Baltimore refinery has received three shipments in recent weeks from small tugboats that were able to use the 14-foot-deep temporary channel.

Domino's is expected to welcome another vessel of the same size this weekend. The company also plans to use a 35-foot-deep channel that is scheduled to open Thursday. Its ships will not have to use the permanent 50-foot-deep channel to deliver cargo, which is not expected to fully reopen until the end of May.

Domino's Pizza's Baltimore plant, the largest sugar manufacturer in the United States, continues to operate normally, with a six- to eight-week supply of raw sugar in-house, despite the bridge collapse and subsequent disruptions to the Port of Baltimore.

Domino's Baltimore plant can produce up to 6 million pounds of sugar per day.

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