Hasbro says Magic: The Gathering’s Fallout-themed Commander cards “may be our best-performing Commander cards ever”

The multiverse is a good thing for Magic: The Gathering. Among recent crossovers, the biggest winner is “Lord of the Rings,” which made more than $200 million in less than six months. As Polygon pointed out at the time, that's roughly twice as much as other popular Magic sets.

Fallout is also obviously a steady source of revenue, although it's not as complete a package as The Lord of the Rings. Middle-earth cards are designed to be played in multiple formats and even appear digitally in Magic: The Gathering Arena (something Beyondverse tie-ins usually don't), while the Fallout series Designed purely for Commander – a format designed for groups of typically four players, each player has a deck of 100 cards, no doubles, and is led by a legendary creature.

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