New Jersey gas station worker charged with repeated credit card theft

🔺 New Jersey gas attendant accused of stealing thousands of dollars

🔺 Police say the card was double swiped

🔺 Potential victims urged to come forward

A 48-year-old gas station worker is accused of stealing thousands of dollars from more than a dozen customers at a popular store along Route 9, Monmouth County Prosecutor Raymond Santiago said.

Patrick A. Brown of Newark was indicted by a Monmouth County grand jury on 52 third- and fourth-degree counts, including 13 counts each of credit card fraud, false statements, theft and credit card theft.

Freehold Wawa on Rt 9 North (Google Maps) (2)

Freehold Wawa, located on Rt 9 North (Google Maps)

Last summer, the Freehold Township Police Department, led by Sgt. Sean Foley discovered a pattern of thefts at Wawa gas stations along the northbound highway “for a limited time in August 2023.”

Brown would allegedly take a credit or debit card from a customer and swipe the card through an “additional device on his personal mobile phone” before using it to pay for the actual gas order.

Police say he would deposit hundreds of dollars at a time into bank accounts controlled by Brown.

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Freehold Wawa, located on Rt 9 North (Google Maps)

Freehold Wawa, located on Rt 9 North (Google Maps)

Brown, who no longer works at the gas station, was criminally charged the same week the thefts were initially reported, and as more victims emerged, Brown was accused of more crimes.

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Anyone with information about Brown's activities, or anyone who believes they may have been victimized, is asked to contact Sergeant Brown. Sean Foley at 732-252-1950 or

Brown's next court appearance is scheduled for May 6 in Monmouth County Superior Court.

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