Best Cards to Use with White Widow in Marvel Snap


  • White Widow is great for clogging your opponent's deck with useless cards, hindering their gameplay.
  • Widow Sisters White Widow and Black Widow have strong synergy and complement each other's abilities.
  • Using cards such as Blackhawk, Beast, Debry, Annihilator, Mockingbird, and Carnage can help enhance your game strategy.

White Widow supports one of the most complex archetypes in Marvel Snap; the Jam Archetype. The idea behind this is to flood your opponent with useless cards, preventing them from developing their board and generally causing them to retreat.


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The White Widow does this by placing the Widow's Kiss on her side of the board. Unless they fill that spot, Kiss will give them -4 power in that spot through its ongoing ability, which is a heavy blow to any deck, especially one that only plays a few big things.

7 black widow

sisters unite

Marvel Card Black Widow

Cards from the same set rarely share abilities; you only have to look at the Fantastic Four to see a set of cards that you wouldn't be able to build a deck with. However, the Widow Sisters not only belong to the same deck, but complement each other very well.

Black Widow sends “Widow's Bite” into the opponent's hand, a -1 energy card that prevents them from drawing cards as long as they don't play it. You need to be careful when you give them a bite as it may help them counteract the effects of the kiss.

6 blackhawk

Big bird is back

Marvel Snap Card Blackhawk

Blackhawk rarely appears in games after taking the biggest nerf, but he fits in well with Widow Sisters decks. His real synergy comes from Black Widow, as she prevents your opponent from drawing cards, which means the Eagle's power is increased by 2 points.

This is because Darkhawk gains +2 power for every card in your opponent's deck, meaning the bigger it is, the better it is for you. Remember, Blackhawk will always need some form of support, so when making a deck with him, be sure to include Kog and Rockslide.

5 beast

Good thing the reveal is twice as good

Marvel card monsters

With so many cheap public cards out there, you need some way to exploit their abilities multiple times. The Beast is ideal because not only does he send cards to your hand, but he also makes them cost less the next turn. The only thing to keep in mind with The Beast is the element of surprise, or lack thereof.


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The first time you play White Widow, you might catch your opponent off guard, but after The Beast, they'll know what's coming next and how to prepare accordingly. With this in mind, you shouldn't target White Widow at a surprising position, but rather a position they're unlikely to fill this turn. In this way, White Widow becomes more than just a dual-power card, becoming an absolute no-no for the game.

4 fragments

jam everyone

Marvel Snap Card Fragments

Debrii sends Rocks to all other locations, not just the opponent's side, but yours as well. This means you need to plan carefully when playing Debrie, but she's a must-have when your plan is to hinder your opponent.

In a way, you're helping your opponent fill the Widow's Kiss slot, but it all comes down to timing. If you were the one filling this spot, you might be removing the negative power of Kiss, but you're also giving them a useless rock that you can easily defeat with almost every card.

3 Annihilator

Send the rubbish

Marvel Snap Card

It's not a bad idea to have ways to deal with your own cards, as many decks have ways to use them. Guys like Phantom, Baron Zemo, and Loki often use your powers against you, so being able to return the favor with Annihilator (sending cards with negative powers to your opponent) is often a game-winning move.


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You don't want to simply have Annihilus, however, since he only offers six powers on his own. Hood fits perfectly with every other element in your deck, and Sentinel's potential power can be increased from 10 to 20 thanks to Annihilator teleporting the Void over.

2 Robin

Use all these rocks to your advantage

Marvel Snap Card Mockingbird-1

While it's great to hinder your opponents, you also need your own strength to win the game. Since Mockingbird's cost decreases with each card that's not in the deck to start with, something as simple as Debrii can lower her cost and get her out of the game early.

Her cost is also reduced by other cards, not just Rock cards. After all, Sentinel's Void or Hood's Demon aren't the cards that start out in your deck. Be sure to play Robin first before sending their negative powers over; otherwise, she will lose the discount.

1 massacre

Clean one side of the circuit board

Marvel Snapcard Massacre

Having a way to clear a position after blocking them will make it easier for you to win the game, since you don't always have a way to compete for power with a card. The best way to do this is with destruction cards, and Carnage is the best option among them.

Since Carnage is so cheap, be sure to play Robin before destroying all the rocks. This way, you can benefit from two cards instead of one.

Carnage gets the most power compared to anything else, he only affects one side of your board, and he's incredibly cheap. This allows you to bounce him back with Beast, not only clearing more rocks, but even clearing the void if you fail to draw Annihilator.


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