Domino's Pizza offers 'free money' to customers with new tip promotion

Domino's Pizza, the world's largest pizza company, has made a breakthrough with a new tip promotion.

The pizza giant is offering customers refunds for tips.

Domino's Pizza is the world's largest pizza companyCredit: Getty
Starting April 29, Domino's Pizza customers can receive coupons to tip their delivery drivers as part of the “You Tip, We Tip” promotion.Credit: Getty – Contributor

As part of Domino's Pizza's “You Tip, We Tip” promotion, pizza lovers can earn money just by tipping their delivery drivers.

Starting April 29th, customers will be able to tip their delivery drivers and get a “tip” back.

Kate Trumbull, Chief Brand Officer, Domino's Pizza I'm glad that he tipped me.”

“But these days, there are tipping screens everywhere you go. The pressure to tip is real, even when no extra service is provided. So we're flipping the script and giving customers a tip by giving them a tip. I decided to show my gratitude.”

When a customer tips a Domino's Pizza driver online at least $3, they will receive a $3 coupon for an online delivery order the following week.

Domino's Pizza is the first quick-service restaurant to reward customers who tip their delivery drivers.

savings promotion

The company is known for offering great benefits to its customers.

Last month, a pizza shop announced it would give people pizza at a higher price during NCAA March Madness games.

During the tournament, basketball fans can get their favorite pizzas at half price, according to a release from Domino's Pizza.

Domino's Pizza launches two new styles of pies, chef says no Italian will eat them

“At Domino's Pizza, we're committed to helping our customers get great deals,” said Christopher Thomas Moore, senior vice president and chief digital officer at Domino's Pizza, in a brand release.

“There's nothing better than enjoying delicious pizza while rooting for your favorite team. Now you can enjoy delicious pizza for half the price!”

To take advantage of the promotion, pizza lovers had to order through the Domino's Pizza app or website.

However, this was not the only way to make big profits from the chain.

The company is also known for giving out free pizzas using the Coca-Cola app.

“Get the Coca-Cola app, play the game and you could win a Domino's Pizza coupon,” one customer wrote on Facebook.

“There’s no cost to all of this, it’s all free.

“Thank you for the Coca-Cola app.”

All Domino's Pizza customers need to do is download the Coca-Cola app and create their account.

You can then play a game that offers you a chance to win a free pizza upon entry.

Those who think they have a chance can play these games twice a day for a chance to win free pizza.

domino pizza rewards program

Anyone who wants to stay up to date with Domino's Pizza promotions can sign up for a free account online and get special offers. Based on the company's loyalty program, customers can expect countless benefits.

  • Pizza lovers have a chance to earn 10 points for every $5 spent at chain restaurants. All the points you earn can be used to add tons of free food to your customers' purchases.
  • Get access to sales and promotions that other customers don't know about.
  • Domino's Pizza will also be adding special benefits during Member Appreciation Week.

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