Security Threat: Foreigners holding Indian ID cards pose security threat Trivandrum News

Thiruvananthapuram: Many individuals who are not citizens of the country have been found in possession of identity cards with voter photo and ration cards in their names, which could further compromise national security. The government has alerted the state police and district collectors that several foreigners were illegally in possession of ration cards and photo electoral identity cards, which can only be issued to Indian nationals. A communiqué issued by the Home Secretary to the state police chiefs and all district collectors on April 4 this year stated that the government had taken note of the situation while processing the citizenship applications of several individuals seeking Indian citizenship. “While processing applications for grant of citizenship, it was brought to our attention that some foreigners were in illegal possession of ration cards and electoral voter ID cards. The district collector and district police chief, while recommending citizenship applications to the government, have stated in their respective reports or letters There is nothing mentioned about possessing an election card or a ration card. A ration card is a document issued by the state government and serves as proof of nationality. Similarly, the electronic photo ID card is issued by the Election Commission of India and is also issued to Indian citizens. The possession of these two documents by foreigners means that they are managed through illegal means, misrepresentation or fraud. The government has asked the district collector and district police chief to strictly ensure that the individuals applying for citizenship do not possess these documents. , the government can only zero in on those who have these documents when they apply for citizenship, which means many people may be holding such documents illegally and submit the necessary documents to the Ministry of Home Affairs and submit their paper copies to the relevant authorities. District Collector. The Collector then forwards these details to the State Home Department for verification, which is an in-principle approval for him. Application seeking citizenship. After receipt of all specified documents mentioned in the admission letter, the matter will be reviewed again for issuance of citizenship certificate. If the documents are complete, the competent authority will approve the issuance of Indian citizenship certificate to the applicant.

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