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today, alex eisenberg Announces 4th album and full band debut Alex Eisenberg & The Exilesscheduled to be released in July 26th Via Weird World/Domino.upon Alex Eisenberg & The Exiles, the Los Angeles artist focused on a simple goal: creating things that are built to last. The melodies are romantic and warm, the arrangements have an appealing breadth, and they deftly utilize a new ensemble formed around the strongest songs of his career. As befits a record that brings together Eisenberg's widest range of collaborators, he further expanded his process by enlisting the help of a veteran producer. Phil Ek (Fleet Foxes, Father John Misty, Built to Spill) were mixed into the album. The resulting sound is as intimate as Eisenberg's more hermetic material, yet has a mystical, communal glow that feels brand new within his body of work.

Today, Alex Eisenberg also said,Only the moon knows“, a song with a Yellow House-era Grizzly feel that lends itself well to acid symphonies and breathtaking percussive sounds.''drink up the sunset” video is included. Kirin Studio.

at the center Alex Eisenberg & The Exiles A bold idea inspired by the dazzling musings of philosopher Alan Watts, the layered storytelling of King Crimson, and the fantastical landscapes of Fleet Foxes. The subject matter may seem esoteric, but Eisenberg and his band keep the music pleasantly grounded.

The core of the band is multi-instrumentalist Greg Hartunian, Eisenberg's childhood friend and primary collaborator. The two co-produced the record at Tropico Beauty in Glendale, Calif., where they built on Eisenberg's intensive months-long writing process and allowed his songs to carve their own paths. They soon joined drummer Jay Rudolph (Way's Blood), keyboardist Tyler Cash (Devendra Banhart), bassist Max Whipple (Sparks), and pedal steel guitarist Conor Gallaher (Lana Dell). Ray), saxophonist Colin Kupka, and many other collaborators joined the conversation. Guitarist Dashiell Le Francis, vocalists Marina Allen, Juliana Giraffe, Gracie Jackson, Colby Nathan. Accompanied by gorgeous string arrangements by Eisenberg and Cynthia Tolson (MUNA), this record marks a bold new arrival for the timeless songwriter.

Almost every song felt like a centerpiece, and for the first time in Eisenberg's career, its dazzling sound matched the grandeur of his vision. Still, old habits die hard, and he still enjoys misdirection.upon Alex Eisenberg & The ExilesHis message has never been more direct, his voice has never been clearer, and his beautiful, untraceable logic has never felt more attuned to the world around him.

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