GdS: red cards and banners

One of the various subplots surrounding the Milan derby right now is the battle on the flanks between Theo Hernandez and Denzel Dumfries.

According to “Gazzetta dello Sport”, fate brought them together for the first time in a derby in February 2022, when Olivier Giroud scored twice to help Milan achieve a huge victory in the final Serie A.

The rivalry between Theo and Dumfries isn't just any rivalry: it's been simmering for the past three seasons, and it seems like when they meet, conflict almost always breaks out.

Overall, the head-to-head clashes between the two players have brought mixed results as the teams have achieved results, which are almost always unavoidable considering Theo is at left-back and Dumfries is at right-back. direct confrontation.

The gatherings during last Monday's clashes and the banners displayed during Serie A celebrations were therefore not isolated and impromptu incidents, but signs of a difficult relationship that has always been characterized by undeniably explosive friction.

The French won the first meeting, but since then the Dutch have had better results. The first flashpoint came in the match Milan won 2-1 in February 2022. Hernandez chased Dumfries and knocked him down from behind, receiving a red card after the two squared off.

In the second episode of the saga, in the 0-0 draw in the 2021-22 Italian Cup, the Milan players achieved the better result, while in the next season's league derby, Theo was once again better than the opponent. At the beginning of the game, the two had a dispute and each received a yellow card.

From then on, however, Inter began to dominate in derbies, with Theo suffering a heavy defeat in those games as a result. He missed a penalty in the first derby of the season as Milan were eliminated in the Champions League semi-finals.

It was only in one national team match that the situation was reversed recently, as France defeated the Netherlands 1-2 in the Nations League group stage, and Theo looked close to his best.

The competition exploded last week, starting with a decisive derby win. Dumfries came on as an 84th-minute substitute, but it was enough for him and Theo to find themselves neck-and-neck again in stoppage time (94 minutes).

The referee called a foul and Theo pushed David Fratesi. Dumfries rushed directly towards his old enemy, folding his hands in front of his chest. Then the two grabbed each other's collars, and then his teammates stepped forward and tackled him. its resolution.

The next few days only added fuel to the fire. Hakan Calhanoglu was playing with some teammates on Instagram Live, and at one point he focused on his dog: “What's his name, Denzel?”. Everyone laughed it off.

However, over the next few days there was some talk about the dog in another live broadcast from the director – this time David Klassen – and then at the Serie A title party, Dumfries accepted Theo's banner, which reads: sparked the current storm.

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