One Piece Card Game Release Commemorative Event

In conjunction with the upcoming One Piece card game “Two Legends” series [OP-08], BANDAI will hold a launch commemorative event. This is not a single event per se and will be held at 11 different locations in Japan over the weekends of May 25-26 and June 1-2, 2024. Selected from those who apply.

Everyone who participates in the launch commemoration event will receive a copy of each of the following: Promotional Pack Vol.5, Standard Battle Pack Vol.7, and Special DON! Card version 3. The promo pack Vol.5 contains six cards, while the standard battle pack Vol.7 has four.

Plus, there's a box of “Two Legends” [OP-08] It will be sold at various release commemorative event venues. Each box retails for 5,280 yen (approximately US$34). However, prices for other items remain unknown until the first copies hit the open market.

It's unclear whether the versions of the cards included in the launch commemoration booster packs will ultimately be released in English.

In other TCG related news, check out the Buddy-Buddy Poffin card from Mask of Change [SV6]. Alternatively, you can head to the SNKRDUNK app via the banner below to find the hottest and newest single cards and boxes.


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