Woman quits bachelor's degree to work at Domino's Pizza

A woman on TikTok said she quit her job in the field where she earned a bachelor's degree to work at a Domino's restaurant. Fast food chains pay better, she says.

TikTok user @c0rynne posted the six-second clip on April 16, and it has since garnered more than 1.4 million views. In the video, she is seen wearing a Domino's Pizza uniform saluting to the camera, with a highly distorted background of the US national anthem accompanied by a screeching eagle.

The caption on the screen reads, “I quit my big girl job that required a bachelor's degree and went to work at Domino's Pizza because it pays almost $4 an hour more, I get tips, and my boss is… Because he's not a bully.''

She wrote in the caption, “How I made more money in 4 hours delivering pizza on my day off than I did working 8 hour shifts at NBC.”


How I made more money in 4 hours delivering pizza on my day off than I did in 8 hours at NBC 😭

♬ America F Yes – ✝️ Why 🇵🇱

Since it was posted, the video has gone viral, with many users taking to the comments section to comment on the same people who quit jobs that required higher education in favor of fast food, retail, and tutoring jobs that offer better pay. shared such experiences.

One commenter wrote, “With a degree in biochemistry, I can't get hired in a lab for more than $22, but I can work at Subway for $25 and as a tutor for $24.”

Another person shared, “The bank I work at requires a degree, but the Chipotle employee next door makes more than me.”

“I used to do graphic design marketing, but now I'm a bartender,” said a third.

Some comments criticized the company's lifestyle as being overvalued.

Wage gap between college-educated workers and high school-educated workers

But while these personal circumstances should not be discounted, the larger trends remain clear. The wage gap between those with a college degree and those with only a high school diploma continues to widen.

According to the Axios report, this gap persists even among recent graduates, and widens as college and high school graduates age.

The article states, “In 2023, 22- to 27-year-olds who just graduated from college and worked full-time earned $24,000 more per year than 22- to 27-year-olds who only graduated from high school.” It is stated as follows. High school graduates in their early 20s are likely to have far more work experience than recent college graduates, but they still earn more. ”

However, looking at the wage gap between college graduates and high school graduates does not tell the whole story. Not all majors are valued equally in the job market, and wage disparities between certain majors are even more pronounced.

According to the personal finance website Money, “Overall, the average wage for early-career graduates ranges from $32,000 to $74,000, with an additional $42,000 in earnings disparity. This far outweighs the difference in income.”

The Daily Dot reached out to @c0rynne via a comment on TikTok.

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*First published: April 29, 2024, 1:00 PM CDT

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