Hidden banking system: How Netflix keeps charging your expired credit card [Roundup]

Hidden banking system: How Netflix keeps charging your expired credit card [Roundup]

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  • “Because hidden banking systems can track your financial life, canceling or changing credit cards won’t stop recurring charges.”

    Millions of Americans pay for Netflix, ranging from $6.99 to $22.99 a month. It's a common belief that you can get rid of such recurring charges by canceling your credit card. Netflix won't be able to find you and your account will disappear, right? You're not crazy for believing this, but it's a myth that canceling a credit card will stop your recurring charges.

    …. When you change cards, Netflix will not only stop your service, but it will also start charging your new card. There's a largely hidden service that allows Netflix and most other subscription services to charge you indefinitely.

  • Sheikh United Airlines.

  • BLADE launches luxury buses to Hampton (NY), which is a bit strange since their helicopter business is about avoid There is no traffic jam on the Long Island Expressway.
  • After the contract with American Airlines for 19 CRJ-700 aircraft expires, SkyWest will remove the seats and replace the aircraft with CRJ-550, which will likely fly to Delta Air Lines where they will operate essential air service subsidized routes . One less flight attendant on routes with fewer passengers.
  • Delta prohibits passengers from taking bananas out of its clubs, but it's OK to leave with $30 worth of cheese.

    They have absolutely delicious cheese. I asked the guy what it was and he said he wasn't sure but he was trying to find out. So he returned to the kitchen.

    Another staff member overheard me talking about how good it was. He looked at me, smiled and said, you know, just get a Starbucks cup, fill it up and take as much as you want home with you. My jaw dropped, this was obviously a very expensive cheese. Of course, I accepted him.

    As I walked out of the club, the chef walked out with discarded cellophane. This is a very old mimolette. I probably walked out of there with $20-$30 worth of cheese.

  • My biggest pet peeve when we do this is the bulk toiletry bottles in the shower with their contents stated in small, light font. I had taken off my glasses when I was taking a shower. It would be nice to not have to get out of the shower and just put them on to read (and remember!) before getting back in the shower.

    Hey Marriott: Got it for you
    byu/Canada Hamburg Marriott Hotel

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