'I got it' pizza chain sparks outrage over $3 discount campaign, mocks Domino's Pizza customers

Domino's Pizza offers a controversial tipping promotion that some companies say promotes unfair pay.

The promotion began on Monday, with customers receiving a $3 coupon for online delivery for every $3 or more they tip Domino's Pizza drivers.

Domino's Pizza has angered some fans by offering a promotion that encourages tipping, but others say it promotes unfair pay.Credit: Domino's Pizza
The promotion offers customers a $3 coupon toward a future order when they tip their driver $3 or more.Credit: Getty
A Domino's Pizza spokesperson said the promotion is aimed at encouraging good employee treatment and increasing business.Credit: Getty
But opponents say the promotion takes advantage of customers and displaces fair wages for drivers struggling to make less than minimum wage.Credit: Getty

“At Domino's Pizza, we know there's a lot of pressure to tip these days,” a narrator says in the deal's ad.

“At Domino's Pizza, we want to say 'thank you for the tip' by giving back the tip.”

According to CNN, the You Tip, We Tip agreement will last until mid-September.

Tipping culture has come under fire since it became increasingly common post-pandemic.

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These days, shoppers can expect to be asked if they would like to leave a tip, not just at restaurants and hair salons, but also at grocery stores, coffee shops, and other new categories of businesses.

Several studies show that despite being asked to tip more, Americans are tipping less, leading to tip fatigue.

One Domino's Pizza delivery driver in Florida told CNN, “Tips make up most of their pay and are very important to delivery drivers.''

“You lose employees and have frequent turnover due to low or no tips.”

For some, Domino's Pizza's promotion represents a larger problem: Big companies aren't paying a living wage.

The fight for fair wages

Saru Jayaraman, president of worker advocacy group One Fair Wage, said Domino's campaign is a way to avoid paying employees traditional income and shift responsibility to customers in the form of tips. He said that.

Some pizza lovers asked on social media why the company couldn't pay its delivery workers more.Credit: Getty

Jayaraman explained that in 43 states, delivery drivers' salaries are tied to tips.

This allows employers to pay drivers the federal “minimum wage” of $2.13 an hour, more than $5 more than the $7.25 minimum wage for non-tipped workers.

Employers are supposed to compensate tipped workers if their wages are less than at least $7.25, but wage theft is common, Jayaraman said.

She said Domino's Pizza's ad campaign is a way for the company to “incentivize people to tip more, rather than paying employees the actual minimum wage with tips.”

However, the delivery driver said he was “appreciated” that the promotion was going on and hoped to make a few extra bucks with it.

Pizza lovers' anger

Domino's Pizza fans were quick to notice the tipping controversy behind the promotion and took to social media to share their thoughts.

Oh, and instead of you paying the driver more, we pay them. Understood Coach.

Facebook users

“It would make more sense to give the driver $3 for every delivery,” one person wrote on Facebook.

“Oh, so instead of you paying the driver more, we pay the driver. Okay, Coach,” another man added.

Many simply used this opportunity to complain about the rise of tipping culture overall.

“We should be tipping waitresses, waiters, and delivery workers, not those making minimum wage per hour. The same goes for grocery shoppers and delivery workers who make little income and rely on tips,” one person said. lamented.

“Don’t do takeout unless delivery is your job,” another clarified.

Domino's Pizza did not immediately respond to US Sun's request for comment.

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