Jose Cifuentes to be recalled by Rangers

Rangers are set to take on the failed Ecuadorian signing in four weeks after Cruzeiro's main investor Ronaldo, now known as Ronaldo Nazario, withdrew his funds and plunged the Brazilian side back into debt. Enter Jose Cifuentes.

The Brazil legend, who made a huge profit from his investment (with £30m in his pocket), is set to sell for around £105m, meaning Cruzeiro won't be able to afford to sign him when his loan expires Cifu fees.

This means that despite the loan expiring in December, Rangers may now consider recalling the midfielder so that we can prepare for a summer sale, as the chances of the South American side completing a purchase will be significantly reduced by the end of the year – They've effectively lost £100m of capital and despite this we are heavily in debt.

But the loan-to-buy deal is an option, not an obligation, and with the loss of revenue, Rangers may choose to reduce the risk and recall him.

“Maybe some people (Cruzeiro fans) have exaggerated some of the things they said against me, but that has nothing to do with me. I know that most of the fans are grateful to me and my team for bringing Cruzeiro back to the national and international stage. I The goal was achieved. That was always the idea – to bring Cruzeiro back and give it to the right person at the right time.

Well, they're in seventh place after 4 games in their second season back in Brazil's Serie A, so we're not sure if they're fully “back” yet, but at least they're not in Serie B anymore.

That said, we'd be very surprised if they could afford CiFu now despite the financial loss.

He may have to be sold to someone else this summer.

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