“Tarot” movie review: This conventional horror film won't be scary or chilly

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A group of college students are violently murdered one by one after a gruesome unimaginative tarot card reading. tarot cards, opening this weekend in cinemas in Prague and around the world.Following in the well-worn footsteps of tepid horror movies like Ouija board, truth or Dareand Make a wishthis one is obvious from the start but is never silly enough to provide any of the fun of a bad movie.

Last year’s Monkey’s Paw Cooler talk to me suggests a brighter future for this type of horror movie, but tarot cards Dial things back to the same narrative that's been followed for decades: a group of college students toy with a supernatural object they don't understand, and quickly regret it.This very specific subgenre has its roots in the early 2000s success of e.g. ring and final destination.

tarot cards It opens with a largely interchangeable group of Boston-area college students, led by Harriet Slater, Humberly Gonzalez, Larson Thompson, Avantika, Wolfgang Novogratz, Starring Adan Bradley and Jacob Talon.Spider-Man: No Way Home) during a weekend retreat at a remote estate in the Catskills (where the race is based in Belgrade, Serbia). In desperation and running out of wine, they search for hidden stashes in their weekend rental, but find only a box of creepy hand-painted tarot cards.

Alcohol-free? Of course, reading some tarot cards from this musty old deck will liven up the party. But as those readings began to materialize over the next few days, things began to take a dark turn. Wait…surely none of these characters get readings that hint at impending violent deaths? No they don't. But they did draw a creepy central card that came to life and murdered them in the way the literal language they read suggested.

In past movies of this type, characters had to go to a library and scan microfiche to uncover the true horror behind the curse tracking them.But in tarot cards, this kind of thing is just a Google search away. In fact, there have been numerous cases of young people dying mysteriously after tarot readings, although our protagonist had to visit a tarot expert with a pegboard wall in the middle of the night (MandyOlwen Fouéré for the full story. It involves an ancient Hungarian royal astrologer, an ancient curse, and a makeshift five-minute climactic exposition.

save salvation tarot cards From the bottom of this horror barrel is the novelty of the tarot cards themselves, which are well illustrated and lead to some briefly fascinating creatures. While the script doesn't inspire much confidence, the special effects team at least gave the film more than its fair share of effort.

There happens to be a fascinating death scene here, a magician-inspired sequence in which a character hides in a box…no prizes for guessing what happens. Although the setting shifts from 17th-century Hungary to 1920s vaudeville, the vibrant makeup effects in the scene evoke memories for some. insidious– has like a goofy hellscape vibe and provides a flavor of that horror style that the rest of the movie could desperately use.

tarot cards Adapted from the 1992 young adult novel horror mirror, written under the pseudonym Nicholas Adams, focuses on daily astrology rather than tarot cards. The film is directed by Spenser Cohen (” The Expendables 4 and Moonset) and Anna Halberg, who previously collaborated on the fictional horror podcast Classification. But the end result makes you feel as though algorithms are the real idea behind the story; this PG-13 film about a group of college students playing with a cursed deck of tarot cards, for those unlucky enough to stumble upon it , certainly not surprising.

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