Domino's Pizza tips customers who tip their delivery drivers

Domino's Pizza is currently giving away coupons to customers who tip their delivery drivers generously.

The pizza chain launched its latest promotion, “You Tip, We Tip,” on April 29th.

With this promotion, customers who tip their delivery driver $3 or more will receive a $3 coupon to use on their next week's online delivery order.

DoorDash warns customers that orders without tip may have longer delivery times

Kate Trumbull, senior vice president and chief brand officer for Domino's Pizza, said in a statement: “Since 1960, Domino's Pizza drivers have been working hard to deliver hot, delicious pizza to customers on their first day. I'm glad that you're giving me a tip for your excellent service.”

“But these days, there are tip screens everywhere you go. The pressure to tip is real, even if no extra service is provided. So we're flipping the script and tipping customers back. I decided to show my gratitude.”

Domino's Pizza says it is the first quick-service restaurant to offer such a program to its customers.

The company offered a similar promotion in 2022, rewarding customers who choose to pick up their orders instead of delivering them to a delivery driver.

In this promotion, customers received a “$3 tip” toward their next online takeout order.

Research suggests diners tip more when this small detail is added to the check

Domino's Pizza's latest promotion comes as Americans continue to deal with fall fatigue.

Several studies show that Americans tip less when asked to tip more at a restaurant.

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