'I made more money in 4 hours': Woman says she makes more per hour working at Domino's Pizza than she did working at NBC. Are fast food jobs more desirable now?

How much do fast food employees get paid?

Fast food restaurant wages vary by chain and state. California recently increased the minimum wage for fast food workers by 25%, from $16 to $20 an hour. This only applies to chain restaurants with at least 60 locations across the United States.

Domino's Pizza, where Colin works, also falls into this category. This pizza chain has 6,854 stores in the United States, including 6,566 franchised locations.

Colin has not disclosed where he lives or his hourly wage. Although she says she delivers pizza, the average hourly wage for Domino's delivery drivers in the U.S. is $17.91, according to Indeed estimates based on the salaries of more than 13,000 employees.

Collin's salary at NBC varies depending on whether she is full-time or freelance. According to Indeed, the average hourly wage for a video editor at NBC is $37.24 and the lowest is $26.35, but this is based on limited data.

Is this salary better than an office job?

Many of the more than 2,200 comments on Colin's video said he wanted to work in a store or restaurant instead of an office job that requires a degree.

Collin said that people in leadership positions at her previous job at NBC were “bullies” and that work culture seemed to influence some of these comments.

“I ended up leaving the dental field. Home Depot gave me less stress and a $2 raise,” said one commenter named Lynn.

Another woman who goes by the handle @ox_ash.cash_xo, who works as a certified medical assistant for $21 an hour, said, “Everyone here is stress-free, and in the future, it's like In-N-Out.'' I can make more money at work,” he wrote.

Some people think that an eight-hour shift at Domino's Pizza tends to be less stressful than a job like being a photographer. Additionally, one commenter named Chyna pointed out that you can quit your job when you clock out.

Many young people are leaning towards a 'soft life', falling down the corporate ladder to prioritize their lives and mental health over work and making money.

What does this mean for the economy?

California's minimum wage hike is causing some uproar from fast food franchise owners and some business experts. They argue that it will lead to job losses for workers and higher prices for consumers.

Fox Business reported that Domino's Chief Financial Officer Sandeep Reddy echoed this sentiment during an earnings call in February. Mr. Reddy told investors that the chain expects “modest price increases” across the U.S., with further price increases in California to “offset” wage increases.

But fast-food restaurants have been raising prices significantly for the past decade without being pressured to raise wages by 25%. McDonald's menu prices have doubled for popular items since 2014, outpacing the 31% inflation rate at the time, according to a recent analysis by personal finance website FinanceBuzz.

California's $20 minimum wage remains modest, totaling $41,600 per year before taxes. By contrast, Domino's CEO Russell Weiner collected total compensation of $10.1 million in 2023.

NPR reported that many fast food workers live below the poverty line. They hope California's wage increases will bring some relief to them and their families.


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