McLaren CEO thinks Adrian Newey is 'first domino' after observing Red Bull

McLaren CEO Zak Brown believes Adrian Newey could be the “first domino to fall” at Red Bull, and hopes to see additional “resumés flying around” following his departure announcement. I saw it.

Red Bull's chief technical officer will leave the reigning world champion team in the first quarter of 2025 after 19 years with the team, having won 13 drivers' and constructors' titles. The whole paddock is wondering what he will do. I'll do it next.

Zac Brown: Adrian Newey 'probably the first domino to fall' with Red Bull

Mr Newey has led the design teams for every title-winning car in Red Bull's history, and McLaren CEO Brown has been involved in Red Bull's well-publicized shaky state. Given that, he believes his resignation announcement is “not surprising.” This year, behind the scenes.

Newey himself said he was ending his time at Red Bull because he wanted to “see a new challenge for me”, but he was heavily linked with a possible move to Ferrari, with Aston Martin and current Both Williams are said to be interested in his services.

But Brown insists there is already a knock-on effect from his upcoming departure from Red Bull, with an increasing number of Red Bull exes wanting to work for McLaren in the future.

“Am I surprised? Six months ago I would have been surprised,” Brown said in Miami when asked about Newey's decision to leave Red Bull early.

“Given what's happened since the beginning of the year, I don't think I'm surprised that he left because I know Adrian well and he's a very honest person.

“I think what's going on there is getting a little volatile. He'll probably be the first domino to fall, but based on the resumes that are flying around, my guess is he won't be the last.

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“And as far as McLaren is concerned, I'm very happy with all the work that the men and women at McLaren are doing.

“I think from last year, late last year, they started to show that they know how to bring performance to the car. So I have full confidence in our team.”

Mike Kulak and Laurent Mekies, who also attended the press conference, denied an increase in job applications, and were asked about claims that Red Bull officials were seeking jobs at other teams following Newey's announcement. At the time, Brown said that there had been an increase in applications for McLaren recently. day to day.

In this regard, he added: “Well, we are getting more and more CVs from the team. I think Adrian is the most successful designer of all time. [ability] People want to work for someone like Adrian Newey and work with him because of what he brings to the racing team.

“So I think they're going to lose what he brings to the team from a pure technical standpoint, and I think they're also going to lose the leadership and the excitement that people get from working with him. .”

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