Teen Domino's Pizza driver shoots multiple times after making mistake in driveway, police say

A teenage Domino's Pizza delivery driver was fired Monday after parking in the wrong driveway several times, police said, NBC News reported.

Tennessee teen Kaiden Wheeler, 18, a Domino's Pizza delivery driver, escaped death after being shot by a homeowner who apparently parked in the wrong driveway, according to NBC News. the police announced. According to the criminal complaint, Wheeler told police he thought he was in the right driveway. After delivering the pizza and returning to his car, he claimed he heard several gunshots and saw someone run toward him and fire, the newspaper reported.

The newspaper said Wheeler reacted immediately, backed out of the driveway and fled the scene, the complaint continues. Police claimed his truck was heavily damaged, with three bullet holes near the gas tank, above the driver's side window, and in the driver's side front wheel and tire, the newspaper said.

Authorities later arrested Ryan Babcock, 32, and identified him as the suspect, according to NBC News. Babcock told law enforcement that he and his wife were watching through a doorbell camera when they mistook Wheeler for a thief moving between his truck and Babcock's car, according to the complaint. That's what it means. Babcock allegedly told police he was trying to “disable” the truck to stop the suspected theft and admitted firing multiple shots, the newspaper said. (Related: Mother gives gun to teenage son, shoots him dead after hitting two robbery suspects: police)

Police reportedly recovered a handgun and seven shell casings from Babcock's possession, the paper said. He was reportedly charged with aggravated assault and his bail was set at $50,000. Babcock was released on bail on Tuesday, the newspaper said.

In an interview with News Channel 5, Mr. Wheeler maintained that Mr. Babcock was not guilty. “I literally almost got killed on the spot,” Wheeler told the outlet. “In my opinion, this is attempted murder.”

“I understand why you keep a gun to protect your family, but I don't think you should automatically fire just because someone approaches you. I don't think that's right,” he reportedly continued. It is being

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