Menu items you should think twice about, according to Domino's Pizza employees

Domino's Pizza's menu is pretty vague about how the restaurant prepares its crispy, thin crust, especially compared to other pizza bases. While the original crust is proudly named “Hand Tossed” and the deep dish is named “Handmade Bread,” the Crunchy Thin Crust “delivers an optimal crispy-to-crunch ratio and perfectly shareable square cuts. “Thin enough to protect your body.'' . ”

Turns out there's a reason this restaurant cares as much about the details as it does the crust. That's because we don't actually make our Crunchy Thin Crust in-store. A now-deleted TikTok went viral a few years ago that showed a Domino's Pizza employee sprinkling cornmeal on a countertop. This is a standard practice at one of the pizza chains, and is done after the raw pizza dough is rolled out to prepare it for rolling and before being tossed. It goes off the screen and grabs a thin skin of plastic film. “Packaged!!!” the person wrote in the video's caption before it was deleted.

Not only will you not get the same level of freshness that Domino's Pizza advertises in its marketing if you order the thin crust, employees also cite some logistical issues. After a dissatisfied customer shared a photo of a Crunchy Thin Crust pizza that was mixed up after delivery, multiple alleged Domino's Pizza employees wrote on Reddit that the pizza was very light. He warned that it is often not received at its best.

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