How to hold more Arcana cards in Hades 2

Arcana Card is one of the more important permanent progression features in the game Hades 2. There are many ways for Melinoe to get stronger between runs, but these cards address some of her most basic stats, such as health and magic. Depending on your mastery, you can only hold so much, but there is a way to expand it.

How to expand your mastery in Hades 2

To increase your mastery, you'll need Psychics, which are green-blue splashes you earn from certain encounters or buy from the merchant at the crossroads. Many times you need to choose between Hearts and Ashes, so you have to consider when you want more mastery and when you want to buy more Arcana.

To actually gain more mastery, you need to head to the Altar of Ashes, which is also where you buy more Arcana. This is the direct spot on the road between the two areas of the intersection. It's an arch surrounded by candles and hung with paper.

Upgrade your mastery in Hades 2
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When you enter the Arcana menu, you need to move the cursor all the way to the right until the spot with the portrait of Melinoe is highlighted, rather than simply selecting a card from the array provided. This will show you the cost of your next Mastery upgrade, as well as how many Masteries you have and how much of your Hand of Arcana is used. It's fairly cheap at first, but Psyche's price increases quickly as you rise through the ranks.

Even if you don't prioritize it, Psyche will accumulate in your inventory simply because it's sometimes the only route available. Keep checking the Altar of Ashes to see when upgrades are available, and eventually, you'll be able to have a sizable set of Arcana cards.

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