How to recruit Shixing in “Chronicles of Eternal Journey: One Hundred Heroes”

Chronicles of Everlasting Journey: Hundred Heroes is a game full of games. In this way, it's very similar to the recently released Final Fantasy 7 Reborn. Although “Rebirth” has Queen's Blood, “Eiyuden” has its own card game. Weirdly, Eiyuden's card game doesn't have a name, but make no mistake, this is a well thought out, fully realized card battle game that has its place in the competitive world of RPG card games.


Chronicles of Eternal Journey: Hundred Heroes – Complete Guide to Base Building

When you try to upgrade your base of operations in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes, you're going to need quite a few resources.

Eiyuden's card game features the high-hands poker players are familiar with, but unlike poker, you'll be playing three hands simultaneously. Additionally, if you meet different criteria, you'll be able to get some special cards of higher value. Finally, the game will also give you the opportunity to recruit new characters. But if you're feeling overwhelmed, don't worry. We'll walk you through how to play the game and give you everything you need to win big!

How to Unlock Card Battle Game

Chronicles of Everlasting Heroes, Northgroom, Recruiting Glenn

You can unlock card battles by recruiting Glenn. Once you unlock the Euchrisse area (which is shortly after completing the Proving Grounds dungeon), he'll be hanging out in Arenside. You need to defeat Glenn in a card battle first, but this is a very streamlined version since you only have regular cards.

For this battle, Don't place anything lower than 7. You also need to aim for a straight, three suited cards, or cards with the same suit. However, we want to state this again because it is very important not to prioritize one of the hands over the big numbers. For now, the bigger the number, the better!

This pure focus on higher numbers is unique to your first fight with Glenn. This all changes once you start building your deck.

Where to play the card game after unlocking it?

Heroes of Yingyu Chronicles, in the card shop

At first, you may want to play the card game like Beigoma. Especially since Eiyuden tells you that you will be able to challenge different characters in card game competitions. However, card games are handled differently. Instead of talking to people and challenging them to a match, you go to Glenn's card game booth and choose to challenge the characters there. You'll be able to compete with every character you recruit: including Glenn.

Each opponent is ranked from C to A. The main factor that determines their level is their deck.The more standard cards there are, the lower the level..Of course, an A-level player's deck consists almost entirely of special Card.

How to Play Solitaire

Chronicles of Everlasting Journey: One Hundred Heroes, Three Nines

As we mentioned in the introduction, you will play three hands in the Eiyuden card game. The hand with the highest number wins. You will receive bonus points if you have a straight, three flushes, or three cards of the same suit. If you have a straight of the same suit, you will get as many bonus points as possible.

Initially, when you have the base deck, the bonus points won't make up for having a smaller hand. However, Almost every unique card is worth an 8 or 9 if you meet their requirements. This is why it's important to build your deck as quickly as possible, as it will provide you with a large number of viable cards.

Pay attention to the crown. These are victory points. One hand is worth one victory point, the other is worth two, and the third is worth three. Obviously, you'll want to play your best hand among the most valuable cards.

One factor is that different hands can increase victory points. This means that your opponent can win two out of three hands, but if you win the big hand (worth three victory points) and win it with a hand that provides bonus points, you can win easily. Sometimes you don't get a good shuffle. In this case, it is okay to sacrifice one hand to enhance the other two.

victory points
: The number of points you earn for winning a hand.

Area points:
The number of victory points you will earn in that specific area.

The number of victory points you will receive from your hand or the effects of your cards.

How to build your deck

Chronicles of Eternal Journey: One Hundred Heroes, a customized deck full of unique cards

You'll build your deck by purchasing new cards from Glenn. You will eventually be able to unlock 5 different types of packs.Each one is more expensive than the last one, but More powerful cards are locked into more expensive card packs. In order to unlock more packs, you need to upgrade your castle and invest in more decks through Aerith and her blueprints.

Once you get some new cards, replace them with standard cards. Each unique card is better than the standard cards, so you'll want to replace these cards as quickly as possible. Generally speaking, unique cards will have one of the following requirements…

  • Every card in this hand is an odd/even number
  • Each card in this hand is of a different suit
  • This hand contains X suit (the exact color depends on the card)
  • The opponent plays a card of X value/suit

These are not the only standards, but they are the most common. You will need to commit to a specific strategy. For example, it's easy to score big when you have a bunch of odd-numbered cards and have a bonus claim to play in a hand where all the cards are odd-numbered.

Nowa, Seign, Marisa, and Leene are all pure good cards with no strings attached.
they deserve
More than 9 points, and they have nothing to ask for. This makes them easily the best cards in the game.

You will be able to find cards of each suit that mirror each other
. So if you have a 1 card that awards 8 bonus points, and you play a card with a strength of 3 or below, you will be able to find the same 1 card in all other suits. Keeping similar cards in your deck will definitely make your life easier.

card holder

Eternal Journey Chronicles 100 Heroes, high score, get Marisha card

You can purchase six card packs. When you open the Card Shop, you will have access to the Starter Pack. The next five packs are unlocked through castle upgrades. Each pack will contain more cards. While we don't have a specific list of which cards are exclusive to which pack, we're pretty sure Nowa and Leene are Extra Pack 4 exclusives. Check in faster.

card holder


starter pack

500 baka

Extra pack 1

Chapter 600 Baka

Extra pack 2

Chapter 700 Baka

1 wood

Extra pack 3

Chapter 800 Baka

1 Mysterious Wood

Extra pack 4

Chapter 900 Baka

1 Excellent lacquerware

special package

2000 baka

How to Recruit Shixeen

Like most things in Eiyuden, the card game does have a recruitable character associated with it (besides Glenn). In order to recruit Shixeen, you need to fight and defeat 15 opponents in card battles.

The level of these characters doesn't matter.You can choose a bottom feeder If you like. However, in order to recruit Shixeen, you also need to defeat her in a card battle, and she has a complete deck. Therefore, you'll be better off trying to take on some stronger opponents to help prepare you for the Shixeen battle.

You probably shouldn't challenge Shixeen until you've replaced all (or almost all) of the cards in your Standard deck.
Those regular cards just won't cut it.


Chronicles of Eternal Journey: One Hundred Heroes – Beigoma Complete Guide

Beigoma is Beyblade, but in the world of Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes. This guide will show you how to spin with the best!

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