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May 7, 2024, the world's leading digital payments provider, announced a partnership with Mastercard to provide virtual cards to online travel agencies.

As part of the Mastercard Wholesale program, which lowers costs for travel businesses through virtual card technology and innovative pricing models, customers will be able to more easily pay suppliers and receive more from more customers by issuing virtual cards. Benefit from high conversion rates.

George Simon

George Simon

“Mastercard remains committed to driving the travel economy with digital payment solutions that provide greater flexibility, visibility and protection. We are delighted that more than 400,000 travel providers around the world already rely on us for payments through the Mastercard Wholesale Program Partnering with to support their customers in adopting the next generation of B2B travel payment solutions.

said George Simon, Executive Vice President of European Market Development at Mastercard.

There is Kolbesi

There is Kolbesi

‍ “We are excited to partner with Mastercard to complement our virtual card issuance solution, allowing online travel agencies to unlock new revenue streams and deliver connected customer experiences. Together, we will leverage Mastercard's wholesale program with the businesses we will acquire Sales are combined with a single integration that connects issued cards to unify acquiring and issuance for better cash flow management and higher payment performance for travel merchants.

said Meron Colbeci, chief product officer at

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