Cowboys GM lays all his Dak Prescott cards on table

Recent reports indicate that the Dallas Cowboys and quarterback Dak Prescott may not come to an agreement on a contract extension anytime soon. But what's the holdup?

Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones appears on Mad Dog Sports Radio On Monday, he addressed the elephant in the room when asked if he believed Prescott could lead Dallas to the Super Bowl.

“Of course. I mean, I totally think Dak [Prescott] Can lead us to the championship. He does everything the right way…he makes everyone work out and does everything he can to give himself a chance to win a championship. As it happens, sometimes that old rectangular football doesn't bounce your way…but we've won 12 games three years in a row. I think in terms of what the team has done in three years, that's what's most important. We just hung around the basket. We just have to go out there and grab it, in basketball terms, and dunk it.

Jones immediately expressed how much Prescott means to the Cowboys and fawned over him. But his actions speak louder than words, and the lack of activity on the contract side contradicts everything the former has said.

However, Jones reiterated that getting a deal done with Prescott is a “priority,” adding that the process can take time when it comes to a franchise quarterback.

Regardless of the situation, the Cowboys should be prepared to pay Prescott early so as not to impact other pending contract negotiations, such as All-Pro wide receiver CeeDee Lamb, who will likely be fired. If he doesn't have a lucrative long-term extension, he won't participate in training camp.

There's still time to work this out, and Jones' recent comments suggest the Cowboys want to do just that. But if Dallas truly wants to go “all in” for the 2024 campaign as owner Jerry Jones has previously announced, they have to find a way to fix things quickly.

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