Avalanche game “Shrapnel” now allows players to purchase SHRAP using credit/debit cards

shrapnelthe highly anticipated first-person evacuation shooter. avalanche The blockchain asset has launched a feature that enables players to purchase their SHRAP tokens using a credit or debit card, removing a potential barrier for mainstream gamers who have not dealt with cryptocurrency before.

Until now, players who wanted to purchase the SHRAP token (which is used to purchase in-game equippable cosmetics and trade in future user-generated content) had to obtain it through an exchange and therefore had to be familiar with cryptocurrency trading.

Integration with the crypto payment company Halliday's portal enables SHRAP to be purchased directly in the game through payment providers such as MoonPay or Stripe.

“This is a huge milestone for us. Halliday removes a major friction point in Web3, allowing players to use credit cards like any other free-to-play game,” Shrapnel CEO Mark Long said in a statement. “It will be easier than ever for our community to participate in Shrapnel’s creator ecosystem and truly own their assets and creations.”

Shrapnel has been in development for some time, February Launch early access version Through the famous Epic Games Store.Developer Neon Machine is gradually expanding the core experience with additional content and improvements, while also providing SHRAP worth hundreds of thousands of dollars So far.

The next big Early Access update for Shrapnel will be released from May 16th to 18th, when the Shrapnel Training Practice (STX3) version will be available through the Epic Games Store.

Editor's note: This article was completed with the help of AI.Editors and fact-checkers Andrew Hayward.

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