Memorial Series Single Card Game


  • EB-01 introduces new cards to support favorite archetypes like Dressrosa and Impel Down.
  • New leaders increase the strength of the deck, such as Izzo and T-Bone, providing good support in the game.
  • New mechanics for cards like Viola and Charlotte Franpe provide innovative ways to play and strategies against your opponents.

EB-01 is the first extra booster in the One Piece card game. Similar to the deck in Yu-Gi-Oh, the Commemorative Collection contains exciting new cards for players to enjoy and support their favorite archetypes. It finds new support for Dressrosa, Advancing Descent, and Supernova decks, and four new leaders join the mix, including Tony Tony Chopper's first appearance as a leader card.


One Piece Card Game – 13 Best Leader Cards

Choose a powerful pirate to run your next One Piece card game deck.

Although the set introduced new leaders, all of the featured cards further enhanced the deck, allowing decks like the three-captain starting deck of Trafalgar Law to rise to one of the strongest decks in the meta. one.

10 That

The Whitebeard Pirates are immortal

izo eb01 commemorative booster card game

While Izo's On Play effect can be an effective way to use DON!!, it's his second effect that makes this card so powerful. Whenever your opponent attacks, you may discard a card from your hand, giving the character -2,000 power for the turn.

This effect turns each card in your hand into a pseudo 2,000 counter, while also preventing characters that can attack multiple times from dealing damage to your character or your life cards.

9 T bone

New support for naval decks

T-Bone eb01 commemorative collectible card game

Since the Memorial set was designed to support older decks, most older strategies lack a good 2,000 chip stack that is just as good in the hand as it is on the board. T-Bone is a great 2,000 counter for Navy decks. Although his cost is high, with 5 DON!!, he can KO a 2-cost character as soon as he comes on the field.

When combined with cards like Hina or Helmeppo, T-Bone can destroy large targets with ease.

8 White Star

Great Answer for KO Effect

Shirahoshi eb01 commemorative collectible card game

For a while, the One Piece card game meta revolved around being able to knock down low-power blockers to drive the game. Interceptor cards like the ST01 Chopper are becoming increasingly irrelevant by simply removing them.


One Piece Card Game: Each starter deck, ranking

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To counteract this easy removal, small blockers now have powerful effects that give them a different type of value. Whenever White Star is knocked down by an effect rather than combat, you heal a life, forcing the opponent to either waste a blocked attack or grant you another life.

7 Cavendish

The supernova event is unprecedented!

Cavendish eb01 commemorative collection card game

There is plenty of Supernova support in EB-01, and while Cavendish is exclusive to the Supernova leader, he becomes a threat as soon as he appears. Cavendish will let you set two DON! It will be active whenever it is played and whenever you attack with it.

This card can help you extend your combos even further and is a key part of OP-07 Jewelry Bonney's strategy since she needs DON! Active at the end of the turn.

6 creek

The Soul King is here! Yo ho!

Brooke eb01 commemorative collectible card game

From a typing perspective, this Brook card doesn't offer much synergy with Navy and other cost-reduced black decks, but its cost alone means it can slot into almost any deck of that color. Since Brooke isn't searchable in most Navy decks, he'll likely end up in the trash, which means you should be able to bring him back with cards like Rebecca or Gecko Moria.

Keep in mind that Brook's cost reduction effect also occurs when he attacks, so if you can manage to keep him alive, he will be a great asset to your deck.

5 Sanji

The FILM RED version of Black Leg Sanji is here!

Sanji EB01 commemorative collection card game

Sanji is another 2,000 counter in the movie deck, but the reason this card is better than the others is that you can find it easily with Uta's ability. Players have been waiting for the Last of the Straw Hats to receive a movie card for some time, and now that he's here, he's a welcome addition to any movie-engined green deck.


One Piece Card Game: The 10 Most Valuable Cards in OP-06 Captain’s Wings

The One Piece card game's Captain's Wings contains some real value.

This card is easily fooled by Monkey.D.Luffy's effect and poses a huge threat in the late game. His power depends on the amount of DON rested! You have.

4 viola

New mechanics bring new cards

viola eb01 commemorative collectible card game

With the release of the Three Brothers starter deck, players are introduced to a new style of play that revolves around turning your own life around. One drawback of most leaders is that your face-up cards are sent to the trash can or to the bottom of the deck.

The EB-01 Viola is a great way to prevent this loss. She's a blocker, but her On Play effect lets you rearrange your life cards or turn them all face down.

3 Charlotte Framper

The power of painting never stops

Charlotte Franpe eb01 Memorial Collectible Card Game

Yellow decks have remained at the top of the metagame since their inception, so maybe they don't need another huntable 2,000 counter, so to speak. Not only is Flampe a great asset in your hand, but she can also help decks turn life face up, such as blue and yellow aces, to prevent them from going into the trash when an extra card is drawn from your deck .

With Charlotte Pudding getting the leader card in OP-08, yellow won't stop its reign.

2 Children and killers

Overwhelm your opponents

Kid and Killer Memorial Series eb01 One Piece Card Game

Finally, little pirates, show your support! Um… no. While “Kidd and Killer” is a great addition to Red-Purple Eustace's Kidd deck, this card really shines in the best decks of Red-Purple Trafalgar format. This deck can cheat four drops like no other deck, making cards with haste an excellent target.

This deck usually focuses on multiple 5,000 powerful attacks, but lacks DON!!, causing it to lack in the high damage department. This card is an excellent finisher.

1 Mr.2.Bon.Kurei(Bentham)

Ramp and attacker? Mr.2 is the best

mr.2.bon.kurei.(bentham) eb01 commemorative collection of card games

Long name aside, the Straw Hat of Honor is one of the best cards in the set. It accelerates DON!!, it has counterattack capabilities, and it has incredible offensive effects. When attacking, Mr.2 can match the opponent character's base strength.

Since there is no leader lock, this card can be included in almost any purple deck, such as Crocodile, but more specifically Trafalgar's Law. Many energy-based removal effects can easily remove this card, but the value and flexibility this card offers is unmatched.


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