Mystik Dan is about to launch trading cards

exist wake Visit Hot Springs will print and distribute a series of special trading cards after Arkansas-owned Mystik Dan recently won the Kentucky Derby at 18-to-1 odds. The organization plans to mail out 30,000 cards in honor of the historic victory, according to a press release.

As the 150th winner of the famous race, his victory came down to Photo completed Between him and two other horses, Sierra and Forever Young. He took the lead in the sprint and held on to it as two runners closed in on him. He paid $32.22 and won by a narrow margin in 2 hours, 03 minutes and 34 seconds over one and a quarter miles.

“Over the years, we have produced a series of hot spring trading cards,” Visit Hot Springs CEO Steve Arrison said Tuesday. “We created an entire series focusing on Hot Springs as the place where President Bill Clinton grew up. Then we created a series of four cards showcasing the great racing at Oaklawn Racing Casino Resort. We created a series for Smart Jones A card was created and highlighted the American Pharoah and Zenyatta cards. Our last card was given in honor of jockey Calvin Borel's 5,000th win. One of the most successful spa marketing programs we have ever done, with hundreds of thousands distributed for free worldwide.

The horse joins several other iconic moments and people commemorated in this way, including cards associated with the city's world's shortest St. Patrick's Day parade and Hot Springs' sister city program with Hanamaki, Japan. There was also a series of Spanish cards previously.

This card celebrates not only Mystik Dan, but also his owners, Lance and Bobbi Jo Gasaway, Daniel and Lisa Hamby, Brent and Shalyn Gasaway, and Scott and Katie Hamby. The Gasaway family is from Star City/Gould, while the Hamby family has deep roots in Spa City. The horse's trainer, Dan McPeek, also has a home in Hot Springs.

The two families call themselves “regular Arkansans,” while Mystic Dan is a “working-class” horse.

Arison said the cards will be printed in the coming days and distribution plans are still being finalized. The format of the card will be the same as previous cards, with a color photo on the front and a text message and information about visiting the hot springs on the back.

“We had thousands of people lining up to get the Bill Clinton card,” he said, “and we wanted to make sure we found a way for fans of Mystic Dan, the Gasaway family and the Hamby family to get this card. We will make announcements as we decide how best to distribute this content.

Mystik Dan has started three times in Oaklawn's recent live racing events: finishing fifth in the Smarty Jones Stakes, winning the Grade 3 Southwest Stakes and finishing third in the Arkansas Derby.

“It's a Cinderella story and we wanted to do something to celebrate this amazing win for Arkansas and Hot Springs,” Arison said. “Mystik Dan won the Derby with a photo finish and the fact that his owner is an Arkansas native and the horse has strong ties to Oaklawn made us think We have to do something to spread the word.

For more information, call Steve Arrison at 501-321-2027.

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