The most valuable cards in Star Wars Infinite: Spark of Rebellion


  • “Star Wars Unlimited: Spark of Rebellion” enters the TCG market with iconic artwork, simple gameplay, and of course some high-value cards.
  • Display variants are especially highly valued for their unique elements and rarity.
  • Characters from the entire galaxy are included in this lineup.

Star Wars Infinite entered the world of trading card games with the first game, Sparks of Rebellion. With clean, iconic artwork and a gameplay style that's easy to learn and quick to pick up, it's no surprise that the game has firmly established itself in the cardboard economy.

Like every trading card game since its inception, collectors are figuring out where to start investing while playing through a bunch of booster packs. Get those card sleeves and sleeves ready, and seek out your local grader, because there's no shortage of high-value cards in Star Wars Infinite . If you're an early adopter, already sitting on your throne of pre-release boxes, it's time to find out what exactly you're getting.

These cards are priced at market prices and are available through TCGPlayer

10 Grand Moff Tarkin – Moff (shown): $284.62

Finding a rebel base isn't cheap

Moff Tarkin

The deluxe variant of this Tarkin currently has a market value of $284.62. The display version of this leader card features alternate artwork and some nice, shiny foil, although it's common.

It's not just his Imperial Intimidate and the experience tokens he hands out that make him valuable, as the standard version of this card is worth a whopping seven cents. Currently, the Showcase variant dominates the category and holds the top spot thanks to its set of unique elements. There's no denying that Moff Tarkin looks damn worthy in dramatic lighting throughout the page.

9 Grand Admiral Thrawn – Patience and Insight (shown): $301.67

Strong. Pensive. blue.

Marshal Slawn is patient and insightful.

Grand Admiral Thrawn is perceptive enough to spy on the top card of each player's deck and knows his worth: a market value of $301.67. This rare leader card is valuable in your deck, it has a variety of abilities and gives you a chance to check out the top cards in other players' decks, but if you have the reveal variant, you might want to wrap it up , then the market price of the standard version is 27 cents.


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On average there is one Showcase variant leader card for every 12 booster boxes, and these cards are very rare. Pulling a Grand Admiral Thrawn may not make up for your spending habits, but it's still a pretty decent reward.

8 Chewbacca – Walking Carpet (Display): $306.75

Everyone’s favorite Wu Qilong

Chewbacca walking carpet

Chewie has found success in the trading card game world, with the Showcase version of Chewbacca – Walking Carpet having a market value of $306.75. From Kashyyyk Forest to your deck box, this Wookiee is ready to flex his muscles.

Being able to play a unit out of your hand for a cost of 3 or less through the power of friendship isn't all that puts this big furry alien at the top of the market. Chewbacca's popularity among Star Wars fans certainly played a role, as did the dynamic action shots of Chewbacca's best friend and sidekick Han Solo. Of course, being one of the hardest cards to take a chance on is the biggest reason why.

7 Iden Versio – Hell Squad Commander (Display): $308.63

Bringing the frontline to the cards

Same version of Hell Squad Commander

Iden Versio – This variant of Inferno Squad Commander has rocketed to the top of the charts, with a market capitalization of $308.63 and counting. The showcase variant of Iden Versio, a beloved character who debuted in Star Wars: Battlefront II, serves as one of the most valuable Leader cards in Star Wars: Infinite. Looks very powerful.

Aiden brings her skills from one battlefield to the next in the form of healing base damage, which is a valuable asset when things look dangerous. Hell Squad has enough fans to continue the card hunt, so it's unlikely Aiden will be dethroned anytime soon.

6 Sabine Wren – Galvanized Revolution (show): $314.25

mandalorian street artist

Sabine Wren Galvanized Revolution

Sabine Wren's Force sensibilities and revolutionary artistic skills have quickly made her the choice of Star Wars Rebels fans, and it's great to see her Showcase variant reap the big rewards with a market value of $314.25. Whether it's the direct damage she inflicts on the enemy base, or her sheer determination and willpower that earns her a spot, fans of Sabine Wren are excited to see her succeed.

If you still want to buy some Sabine cards for your deck, don't worry. The standard version of this Leader card sells for 5 cents, while the Hyperspace version costs 21 cents. No matter which Sabine Wren card you get, rest assured you'll get a beautiful card featuring stunning art of your favorite Mandalorian.

5 Director Krennic – Craving Authority (Show): $330.22

He's still working on the Death Star

Director Krennic craves authority

Orson Krennic, who appeared in the prequel novel Catalyst before making his screen debut in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, is a formidable man. Maybe it's because of his +1/+0 boost to damaged friendly units, or maybe it's the fact that this Showcase variant has a whopping $330.22 market value.


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Krennic's value has been on an upward trend and shows no signs of slowing down. Periodically released copies of “Director Klennick – Hungry for Authority” were worth just five cents, but that didn't matter to Director Krennick. Just sell a few more booster packs and he can finally finish the project he's been working on.

4 Leia Organa – Alliance General (shown): $440.38

Sometimes hope is all you have

Leia Organa Alliance General

General Organa needs no introduction, and if she were, she would definitely do it herself. Played on screen by the late legend Carrie Fisher in 1977, Leia Organa has been a part of Star Wars since day one. The market value of this variant card has reached $440.38 and is rising at the speed of light, which also reflects the love and admiration of the broad audience for this princess-turned-strategist.

There's something special about seeing your favorite character, who shaped your childhood, sit in such a special spotlight, even for something as simple as a new trading card game. We will always have Leia Organa until the end of time, and she will always be of immeasurable value to us in so many ways.

3 Han Solo – The Bold Smuggler (Show): $447.92

The scruffy psychomancer himself

han solo the daring smuggler

Never before has a card been given such an apt subtitle for a character like Han Solo's “Bold Smuggler.” By all accounts, this guy ticks both boxes, and his Leader variant has a market value of $447.92.

This card allows you to put cards directly from your hand or library into the game, which is valuable in its own right, but this Outlaw Desperado relies entirely on star power. The artwork on this card looks more like Alden than Harrison, but that hasn't stopped collectors from chasing it and putting it in their cupboards. It turns out that Han Solo has value no matter what he looks like.

2 Emperor Palpatine – Ruler of the Galaxy (Display): $458.78

His unlimited power adds a price tag

emperor palpatine ruler of the galaxy

Go ahead and turn him into a trading card. That doesn't make him evil and powerful, especially since he has a market value of $458.78 and has the ability to damage and outright defeat enemy units. Don't let decades of memes and jokes fool you, Palpatine is not a Sith to be trifled with.

Whether you call him Darth Xit or Emperor Palpatine, there is no doubt about his worth. Palpatine's status as one of the biggest and baddest evil characters in Star Wars puts him at the forefront of cardboard's popularity. Even amid Star Wars Infinite's colorful art style, he's still a scary guy.

1 Boba Fett – Collect Bounty (Display): $777.71

The best bounty hunter in the galaxy

Boba Fett collects bounty

Preparing resources is what Boba Fett brings to the game with this Leader card, and the Showcase version leads the market with a market value of $777.71. Shockingly, Boba Fett defeated top Star Wars character Darth Vader and claimed the bounty for one of the most valuable positions on the market.

The standard and hyperspace versions of Collect the Bounty are the only two Boba Fett cards in Fires of Rebellion with a market value below $5, so if you pull him, keep him close to your chest forward. As long as you don't drop your cards into any nearby Sarlacc pits, your collection is safe.


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