Apple wants to take back fancy titanium Apple Cards so they can be recycled

If you're an Apple Card owner and happen to ask for one of the titanium cards to go with it, you may start to notice that it's about to expire. Apple Card was launched in the United States in 2019 and is currently only available in that country. Now, the first batch of cards is about to expire, and Apple is ready to ship new ones. But it's not as easy as throwing away the old and moving on with the day.

Apple has begun contacting Apple Card holders to remind them that they need a new physical card. The company said replacement cards will be sent to billing addresses in the coming weeks. But the cards will also come with a prepaid shipping label so customers can send their old Apple Cards back for recycling. It turns out that recycling titanium isn't as easy as you might think.

Apple wants to take back fancy titanium Apple Cards so they can be recycled 02

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Apple has confirmed that the old card will cease to be used after its expiration date, while the new card will be activated as soon as it arrives.

Not all Apple Card users have a physical card and must explicitly request one. Apple prefers people to use their iPhones for contactless payments, but will offer a Titanium card when a physical card is required. It's unclear how many physical Titanium cards are currently in circulation, but Apple seems keen to ensure they are taken back to ensure they are properly recycled.

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