North Carolina woman charged after restaurant posted credit card online

Kingston, North Carolina — A North Carolina woman says she's in financial trouble after leaving her credit card at a restaurant.

Rhonda Deaver is a regular at Smith's Cafe in Kingston. Last week, she accidentally forgot her credit card after making a payment.

“I turned around and came back,” Deaver said.

Although Deaver quickly realized her mistake, she said the restaurant posted a photo of the card on social media, where her full card number was visible, prompting multiple charges.

In an effort to find her, an employee at the cafe took photos of the front and back of the card and posted them to a Kingston Facebook group.

“I can't believe they did this, but I could be responsible for all these accusations,” she said.

Meredith Radford of the Better Business Bureau said it's not safe to post photos of credit cards online, even if the poster blocks the numbers.

“You should never post credit cards online,” Redford said. “I'm concerned that people are able to reverse this somehow. It would be easy to cancel your credit card and get a new card from your company, even just to find this person. It's not worth it.”

Deaver said her family called her immediately after seeing the post, but it was too late. She received more than $2,000 in charges to her account.

“It's been used a lot,” she said. “[There were] There’s been a lot of decline, but there’s also a lot going on. I was living on a fixed income and had no extra money each month to pay these bills.

Deaver's bank closed the account, but she said she is still disputing the charges.

The owner of Smith's Cafe declined to comment.

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