Sustainable, rotating and 3D: Santoro London launches new pop-up cards for 2024

Award-winning 3D pop-up greeting card designer Santoro London has released the 2024 designs for its Swing and Pirouette range, featuring six new captivating illustrations.

The updated Swing Cards collection features three new stylish scenes: Book Cafe, Ballet and Sakura, which stand tall and have independent moving parts. This new set of Pirouette cards includes three additional 360-degree designs that unfold into rotating pieces of modern art.

It typically takes 18 months for each piece to go from concept to shelf.

“As always, our team put their creativity and enthusiasm into developing these beautiful new designs,” said design director Tara Strickland. “We are excited to add them to our catalog and believe they will continue to showcase Santoro’s distinction as a staunch innovator of pop-up shops!”

Since 1994, Santoro has considered itself a “pioneer in paper engineering,” gaining attention and winning awards for its high-quality card and paper products. With its constant blend of detailed elements, stunning illustrations and mesmerizing movement, the company has received more than 15 international design awards, including “Most Creative Use of Paper”, “Card of the Year”, “Best Innovative Card” ” and “gift” year. “

“As Santoro prepares to celebrate 30 years in the industry, we look forward to bringing even more memorable experiences to our customers,” said Strickland.

Santoro’s Sustainability Commitment

Santoro said the company prioritizes sustainable practices in stationery when it comes to raw material use and manufacturing processes for all paper card products. Currently, the company is working to maximize material and energy recovery at every stage.

The wood for each Santoro 3D card product comes from “active forests.” Whenever one of the trees that make up the card is felled and processed, it is replaced with three new saplings, thus maintaining a fully managed forest. By actively managing the forests where timber is extracted, the impact of raw material harvesting can be minimized.

To produce the high-quality paperboard used in all Santoro 3D cards, the woody raw material must be dissolved in barrels to release the cellulose fibers, which are then carefully rinsed, bleached and molded into the final product. However, only 50% of wood is composed of cellulose; the other half is mainly binders such as lignin. After the dissolution process is complete, the remaining lignin in the solution is burned, producing thermal/electrical bioenergy that is fed back into the plant itself, powering its operations and reducing the need for fossil fuels.

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