GameStop will begin testing rare Pokémon card trade-ins

A Charizard card appeared in front of GameStop.

photo: Heritage Auctions/Bloomberg (Getty Images)

The market is Rare and other high-end collectibles Pokemon Card Showing explosive growth in recent years, GameStop seems want a piece. The gaming retailer told some store managers this week it will begin testing purchases of Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA) graded trading cards later this month as it looks for a new business strategy while its meme stock shenanigans remain Continue.

An internal message read: “Exciting news.” shared yesterday on the GameStop Reddit subreddit. “We are excited to announce that we are officially entering the graded collectibles space. Starting tomorrow, all employees can visit the main menu to learn about accepting PSA graded collectibles (currently just trading cards). The company said the program will be The rollout begins next week in 258 stores, including some in Texas, where GameStop is headquartered.

It's unclear how the program will work, whether GameStop plans to resell the cards in stores, or what the upper limit will be on the price it can pay. Some self-proclaimed employees on the subreddit Already speculated The store only allows the purchase of collectibles with PSA level 8 and above. Nonetheless, the prices of these products may start from $50. Furious Arrow Ex From the nearest space-time force Pokemon Set to exceed $29,000 Rare Charizard From the original base set.

Once upon a time, the backbone of GameStop's business was video games. Once players complete a new version, they can sell it back to the company for a fraction of the MSRP, and GameStop then resells it to new players for nearly the full cost of the new version of the game.This “life cycle” drove GameStop to huge profits in the early 2010s, but as most Game purchases are now digital.

Recently, the company has stepped up its investments in branded merchandise and collectibles, such as Funko-Pops and video game character figurines, to fill the gap. Despite making $1 billion on a meme-driven stock surge, GameStop's shift in focus toward cryptocurrencies, computer gaming gear and even televisions has offered little in the way of a new path forward for its troubled business.Along the way, GameStop employees were born Combating corporate excesses, failures and resulting layoffs.

It's unclear whether GameStop's long-standing reputation for poor trade-in deals will carry over to its new collectibles program. One person joked: “10% of market price take it or leave it” on Reddit. “5% market price cash, 10% market price store credit, they sell at 500% market price.”

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