“I'm not in the cards”

Cindy Adams

Cindy Adams


Lemon is passionate about journalism

Don Lemon. Former CNN world-class news anchor.

“Today's audience is probably 500,000. Young people are streaming. The industry is shrinking. People are keen on digital. It's an online influence rather than network TV. There's nothing there anymore.”

“The Internet is no longer influential. Resources are now digital. Youtube. Once there were three channels, now there are as many channels as there are people. Everyone has their own YouTube thing.

So why is he no longer there? “I'm not on the list. This is not the direction the network wants to go. They rely on advertisers' money and don't want to cause controversy.

“Worried that they would lose their dwindling audience. I don't have a big ego. Do I have a big mouth? Yes. Do I have a point to make that I think is important? Yes. But . . . and then . . . you Too.

“We used to have great talkers. Larry King, Charlie Rose, Johnny Carson. We've lost the art of conversation. People don't have the skill anymore. Too afraid of making a mistake. Afraid of getting fired.

“Teleprompters used to be just for remembering something to pay attention to, rather than reading every word, and that's what's happening now.

“Look what's trending today. In 2016, it was Donald Trump and Stormy Daniels. What's trending now? Donald Trump and Stormy Daniels. It's like we've gone back in a time machine Same as before. It's like “Back to the Future.”

“Listen, we all get knocked down and go through something at some point. Sometimes that's fair, sometimes it's not.

“So have I heard from my old friends at CNN? Yes. I have lifelong friends there, and I love them and miss them.

“I now own a production company, The Don Lemon Show. It's distributed on YouTube, Spotify, iHeartRadio and Apple. So I'm trying to grow a business right now that will take me into the future.

Thin air will cost you

Travelers worried about safety are more anxious than ever. The latest warning from the State Department points to an increase in crime and unrest in France, Germany, Ecuador, Ukraine and Israel. Geopolitical tensions are rising.

Medjet recently announced that 50% of its members also work domestically — 150 miles or more from home at any given time. Example: Orlando, FL to Tarzana, CA – $42,899 for transportation, $0 for membership.

San Francisco to Seattle — $37,997 for transportation, $0 for membership. Or would you prefer a covered carriage – that's up to you.

Who is this guy?

Maher Bitar is the former general counsel for House Democrats and now a special assistant to the president. He is the Council Director for our defense programs.

Appointed by Obama—like everyone in the White House, menus, pencils, kittens, thoughts, ideas, diaper brands. This is just in case you don't even know.

Everyone is busy. Selling their photos, paintings, autographs, clothes, homes and – if their agent prices it right – behinds.

Now it's a theater souvenir. Maybe you could grab Ethel Barrymore's old bra.

Or, if you're lucky – Hunter's calculation. If you are unlucky – hunter.

Suddenly there were a lot of charity auctions. Everyone was told to bring something they had no use for. Three women brought their husbands.

Only in New York, kids, only in New York.

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