The best Arcana cards in Hades 2


  • There's nothing better than having extra lives, and the Eternal Card will give you that.
  • Wayward Sons and Titans will buff your health and magic, which is always welcome.
  • Do you want twin babies? The Queen will help you.

One of the first combat features you're likely to encounter in Hades 2 is the Arkaka, which is activated by the ashes you collect on your journey to Hell and the home of Hades. Some cards, like Ashes, require prizes dropped by guardians.


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It may be tempting to activate all of the best Arcana cards at once, but to do this you'll need to develop some mastery. The more mastery you have, the more Arcana cards you can activate. Until then, you need to pick the best cards that will give you the best chance of success.

The following contains spoilers for Hades 2.

10 wayward son

The second Arcana card

Hades 2 Arcana Cards, including Wayward Son Card-1

If you find yourself taking a lot of hits on your way into Hell, you might want to consider investing in the Wayward Son card. This card is also relatively cheap, requiring only one Grasp. For each location you exit, you gain health twice – if your health is below 30%, you gain twice as much health.

While two health points may not seem like much, it can help keep you going, and it does have a significant impact over time.

9 titan

The Seventh Arcana Card

Hades 2 Arcana card, including Titan Card-1

Titan is a simple Arcana card, but it should be one of the first cards you target. This card gives you a 20 health boost and a 20 mana boost. Both will stay with you as long as your card is active.

If you apply some Moon Dust to this card for further upgrades later, you can increase that boost significantly. The more health you have, the safer you are and the further into hell and Hades you can go.

8 eternal

The Twelfth Arcana Card

Hades 2 Arcana Card, which contains Eternity Card-1

Unless you're extremely confident in your combat skills, Eternity is probably one of the best Akana cards you can get. Thankfully, you can also get this Arcana card earlier. This card gives you a Death Contempt, although it requires four Mastery to activate.


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If you upgrade it with Moondust, you can increase the number of Death Defiance you have available. While Death Defiance won't heal you to your full health, it might give you that extra boost to see Kronos die.

7 Centaur

The Thirteenth Arcana Card

Hades 2 Arcana Cards, featuring Centuar Card-1

Once you've defeated Hecate and successfully obtained Cinder, don't hesitate to unlock the Centaur card. This Arcana card has zero mastery requirements and is automatically applied every five rooms, gradually increasing your health and mana by three.

If you want to hunt down Kronos, this needs to be a priority Arcana card. If you apply Moondust to this card, the health and mana you gain increase to 5. It all adds up over time – the more healthy you are, the more likely you are to see your family members released.

6 strength

The Fifteenth Arcada Card

Hades 2 Arcana card, which contains the Strength card -1

When you activate a Strength card and spend 5 Mastery, you can mitigate damage done to you. When you are at 30% health or below, you begin to take 30% less damage and deal 30% more damage. The asking price for this card is definitely high, but it's worth it.

In a battle with a Guardian, if you don't have the right Memento equipped, the damage mitigated can make or break your battle. Melione is all about strategic maneuvering, but sometimes a little brute force and a lucky card are enough to get you the win.

5 excellence

The Nineteenth Arcana Card

Hades 2 Arcana Card with Excellence Card-1

Excellence is a very good Arcana card that is worth getting as early as possible, as it increases the chance of your boons being rare by ten percent. While it's not the rarest, anything helps in the long run, and it's certainly better than sticking with the common boons.

However, it does require five grips to activate, which is a considerable cost. Thankfully, when you get to this point, you should have access to the Peace Tablet, which makes collecting Mastery very quick and easy.

4 Queen

Twentieth Arcana Card

Hades 2 Arcana Cards, Featuring the Queen Card

If you're looking forward to testing out Duo Boons, look no further than the Queen Arcana card. Whenever possible, this card will give you a six percent chance of receiving a double favor. In order to activate this card – in addition to not requiring Grip Strength – you cannot have three or more activated Arcana cards that use the same amount of Grip Strength.

Once this condition is met, and you unlock this card with 1 Cerberus Tear and 40 Ashes, you're absolutely golden.

3 prophet

The twentieth Arcana card

Hades 2 Arcana cards, including Oracle cards

For this Arcana card, you will get two changes of destiny. You can use these to change room rewards before entering. Once this Arcana is activated, it's automatically applied, so you don't need to collect any grabs to use it.


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Prophet is one of the few Arcana cards that requires additional ingredients besides Ashes. For this Arcana, you need to obtain some wool, which can only be obtained on the surface after defeating Polyphemus.

2 god

Twenty-Four Arcana Cards

Hades 2 Arcana card, containing divine cards

Divinity may be the last card you can get, but it's worth a try. This Arcana card allows you to increase the rarity of your boons, giving them a ten percent chance of becoming epic. The only downside is that you need to defeat Eris and get the Golden Apple before you can get it.

Unfortunately, Eris has probably one of the toughest fights in the game, so it'll be a challenge worth noting. Even so, it's worth doing to make your fight with Kronos easier.

1 judge

The twenty-fifth Arcana card

Hades 2 Arcana cards, including Judgment cards

Judgment Arcana activates three random, inactive Arcana cards every time you defeat a Guardian (no cost of Mastery). It has zero mastery requirements and is applied automatically every time you descend into Hell.

Of course, this wonderfully powerful Arcana card comes with a serious caveat: to activate it, you need to defeat Kronos at least once and acquire some “Z Sand,” aka Zodiac Sand. Once you hit that patch of sand, though, any other descent into the underworld should be a breeze.


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