JetBlue Card Offers Suggested Points for Some People [Targeted, YMMV]

Travel With Grant reports that some JetBlue credit card holders can now refer others and earn 10,000 TrueBlue points per referral, up to a maximum of 50,000 JetBlue TrueBlue points. Obviously, this might be of interest to JetBlue fans and anyone who opened a JetBlue credit card as part of Delta's elite status match last year.

Instead of offering the ability to generate recommendations for all cardholders, Barclays targets some in the Offers bar near the top of the desktop interface. You can also find suggested options by clicking the “Rewards & Benefits” button under your Barclays account's TrueBlue points balance.

If you are targeted for this offer, I believe your referral link will show both JetBlue and JetBlue Plus cards. I hope your friend opens one of these and you get 10,000 points.

While 10,000 points isn't a huge value, it's certainly a nice bonus if you know someone else who is interested in the JetBlue card.

How to share your referral link

Please note that suggested links posted in comments will be caught by our spam filters and will not be published. Instead, go to the Frequent Flyer Insiders Facebook group, find the thread dedicated to this card, and follow the instructions to leave your referral link in response to the first comment in that thread. While the recommended offer is in effect (expected to end on July 1, 2024), we will rotate reader-recommended links on the Best Deals page.

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