Nvidia tests up to 600W cooling solution for its Blackwell graphics cards, showing power levels consistent with previous generations of GeForce

If you're wondering whether Nvidia's next generation of GeForce cards will require bigger coolers than what we've seen so far, don't worry, the chip giant seems to have been experimenting with heatsink and fan designs to handle power levels no larger than these Used with Ada Lovelace and Ampere GPUs.

This is according to a report from Benchlife.info, which claims that information from a cooling module factory indicates that Nvidia is currently testing four designs ranging from 250W to 600W. Outrageous, but after the massive power increase in Ampere GPUs (RTX 30 series), how about designing a cooler for the current RTX 40 series cards. It's also worth noting that this is a limitation of the much-maligned 12-pin power connection Nvidia uses on this generation of graphics cards.

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