Sheoldred rival MTG card prices rise 230%

this magic cards Over the past few weeks, the price of Hostile Investigator has climbed to $7.19, an increase of 234%. The card was worth just $2.50 in early May and was estimated to be just over $1 when Outlaws of Thunder Junction was released, but this Ogre Rogue Detective (now typewriter) has already proven its worth. Much higher.

We're impressed, especially since this card competes with All-Star Sheldrred (Apocalypse) for your four-drop slot. Perhaps that's why it was initially valued so low.

The price of Hostile Investigator is increasing because it performs well in both MTG formats: Standard and Pioneer. This card has decent stats for a four-cost black creature and the ability to be useful in long, hard games. It forces your opponent to discard a card and gives you a clue token in return. So it's a straight-up three-in-one, and it only gets better if you have other sources of discard on hand.

MTG Card Hostility Investigator

Hostile Investigators are making an appearance in Golgari midrange, both in the standard list and in MTG Arena decks. This is a very solid sideboard card that you can put in your deck if you're facing a control deck without having to face a more aggressive deck (or Sheoldred – this card ) Hate Sheldred). It also seems likely that there will be a new variant of the Golgari Medium version focused on crime with hostile investigators as the central pillar – but we'll have to see if that catches on.

Meanwhile, in Vanguard, there's a mono-black discard deck that appears to be for hostile investigators. This control deck contains removal, no-waste, and discard spells like Liliana of the Veil – most people are also playing at least two Thunder Junction Desperado cards these days.

It's worth noting that the foil version of Hostile Investigator is now slightly cheaper – a $5.99 value. This is presumably because many copies of this card were opened in collector booster packs, where every card was a foil.

While this may seem counterintuitive, it's actually what we expect. Collection Boosters are guaranteed to contain Foil Rares or Mythic Rares from Thunder Junction or The Big Score, while in Play Booster, Big Score cards can only be found in list slots (20% of packs). compete.

Over the past week or so, we've seen several high-scoring cards perform strongly, such as this green Magic: The Gathering mana ramp card that's been better than anyone expected. Maybe spoiler season is just too crowded and people can’t keep up. If you're feeling lost so far this year, our guide to the MTG release schedule can help get you reoriented.

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