Transcend launches new CFast memory card for high-demand industries

Transcend has expanded its product lineup with the launch of two new CFast memory cards, the CFX730 and CFX610, designed to meet the stringent requirements of 24/7 operations in gaming and entertainment, medical equipment and transportation systems. These cards boast top transfer speeds and enhanced durability.

CFX730 and CFX610 are CFast 2.0 compliant and use advanced 112-layer 3D NAND flash memory technology and SATA III 6Gb/s interface. They offer massive storage options up to 1TB. Notably, both models are available in wide-temperature versions that can operate in extreme conditions from -40°C to 85°C, ensuring reliability in a variety of environments.

Tailored for high-endurance applications, the CFX730 model uses SLC mode technology to achieve up to 100K P/E cycles and consistent performance, making it ideal for embedded systems requiring frequent, intensive write processes.

Both the CFX730 and CFX610 are equipped with essential features such as wear leveling and bad block management to help extend the life of the memory card and maintain its integrity. The LDPC ECC engine ensures accurate data transmission by detecting and correcting errors. In addition, hardware-based AES encryption provides an additional layer of security to protect sensitive data from unauthorized access.

An important feature of enterprise applications is write protection, which prevents accidental or intentional data modification and deletion. In addition, these cards are designed to maintain data integrity during sudden power outages, providing reliable protection for stored information.

The new CFX730 and CFX610 CFast cards come with a three-year limited warranty. They will be available for purchase soon here.

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