Wizards Bans 56 Controversial MTG Cards

Since the introduction of the ban calendar in 2023, the hype surrounding these quarterly announcements has reached new heights. Finally, MTG players actually have a set date to look forward to, rather than just hoping to be randomly blocked. Since their launch, this rigorous structure has proven its worth through a number of much-needed changes.

While past ban announcements have crushed overly powerful decks and unleashed a variety of metagames, there are currently no dangerously dominant decks. No matter where you look, every MTG format seems to be miraculously stable now. With a variety of decks vying for the top spot, nothing really needs to change.

With this in mind, we're quite shocked that Wizards of the Coast decided to take action. Instead of waiting until after the rotation, the Wizards announced a ban on 56 MTG cards!

Chapter 56 Eternal legal ban?

_____ goblin_____ goblin

Despite expectations ahead of launch, Wizards of the Coast banned two complete Eternal legal mechanics. As of today (May 13, 2024), attractions and stickers are banned in Legacy and Vintage. Specifically, as Wizards puts it, “all cards that bring stickers or attractions into the game will be banned.”

A total of 55 cards to bring stickers or attractions into timeless legal Magic play. This huge number of cards consists of 35 sticker-generating cars and 20 attraction-generating cards. For better or worse, every one of these cards is now banned in Legacy and Vintage. Although not mentioned in the main announcement, all sticker cards and attraction cards are also banned in Pauper.

Speaking of Pauper, this format also comes with its own bans. As of today, all things sparkling Now banned in ghettos.

At this time, it's unclear what full impact these MTG bans will have on Legacy, Vintage, and Pauper. That being said, with the format being cut back so much, we'd be very surprised if the competitive landscape didn't change. As it stands, Old Goblins may be the most affected deck compared to the Paupers affinity list.

Ultimately, this wave of bans was one of the largest in Magic history, with a total of 56 cards banned. Unfortunately, this huge list is too long for us to list them all here, but Wizards has you covered. If you want to see every card that's been banned today (May 13), check out Wizards of the Coast's official announcement .

The stickers are finally gone!

Playable Delusional HydraPlayable Delusional Hydra

Thankfully, while it is shocking to ban so many MTG cards so suddenly, there is one quite A simple explanation of it all. As fun as they are in Commander games, stickers and attractions cause huge problems in tournaments.This is largely thanks to cards that copy your opponent's creatures or artifacts, such as Phyrexian Morphs.

As Wizards explains, players of older versions of this card often “felt obligated to bring sticker cards, just in case they were able to copy ________ Goblins.” For better or worse, ________ goblin This isn't uncommon, as their amazingly consistent mana-generating abilities can work wonders. Therefore, Phyrexian morph players basically need to carry sticker cards to avoid missing out.

Since sticker sets must be presented at the start of each game, if you don't bring a sticker, you don't get one. Since the release of Unfinity, this has forced players to introduce additional decks of cards into the game that may not be necessary. In theory, these decks might work, but there's no guarantee.

Likewise, attractions have the same problem, thanks to most dangerous player. While the card is nowhere near as popular as it once was, its appeal once swept through Legacy. Like stickers, this leads to players using duplicate cards to carry attraction decks in case it becomes useful.

As if that wasn't bad enough, sticker cards have been causing major problems in Magic Online for a long time.Since stickers were difficult to implement, the Magic Online team had to rework some cards to make them usable.This creates “Name Sticker” Goblin, which is hardly the same as real trading. Ultimately, this ban will eliminate the problem entirely.

More bans coming?

Flare of DenialFlare of Denial

As usual, in addition to the major ban announcements, Wizards also revealed the next wave of bans that MTG players can look forward to. Currently, the next ban announcement is scheduled for June 24. It's worth noting that this ban window comes shortly after the release of Modern Horizons 3, which launched in early June.

Since Modern Horizons 3 hasn't been released yet, it's obviously difficult to predict what content will be banned in June. That being said, there is a good chance that changes will need to be made. While we haven't seen the entire deck yet, we've seen a ton of very powerful cards thanks to numerous leaks.

If we were to take a wild guess, we would be very surprised if nothing changes with the next ban announcement on June 24th. Considering the power level of Modern Horizons 3, it would be amazing if no changes were needed. Beyond that, we can also expect Bloomburrow to issue a ban later on, but that's obviously still far away.

Ultimately, we'll just have to wait and see what happens in the coming months. Ideally, Wizards of the Coast won't need to change anything because nothing will be broken. However, the likelihood of this happening currently seems unlikely…

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