Cameroon partners with AUGENTIC to modernize national identity card system

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Fistek's Patented, industry-leading 3D facial authentication software anchors digital identities, creating a chain of trust from user login to ongoing authentication across all modern smart devices and web cameras. FaceTec's 3D FaceMaps™ make trustworthy remote authentication finally possible. As the only technology backed by an ongoing deception bounty program and NIST/iBeta certified liveness detection, FaceTec is the global standard for live and 3D face matching, with six patents in financial services, border security, transportation, blockchain, electronic payments and more. Millions of users across continents.

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Mobile ID World brings you the latest mobile authentication solutions and app providers. Our company is committed to providing users with the best content and cutting-edge information on technology, news and mobile solutions to meet your mobile identity management needs.

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High pressure gas discharge tube Powering the trusted identities of people, places and things in the world. Our trusted identity solutions enable people to conveniently and securely access physical and digital places and connect things that can be digitally identified, verified and tracked. Millions of people use HID products to navigate their daily lives, and billions of things are connected through HID technology.

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As the world shifts to an action-first economy, businesses need to modernize how they acquire, engage and support consumers. Prove's mobile-centric identity tokenization and passive cryptographic authentication solutions reduce friction, enhance security and privacy across all digital channels, and accelerate revenue growth while reducing operating expenses and fraud losses. Prove's platform is used by more than 1,000 enterprise customers to process 20 billion customer requests annually, across industries including banking, lending, healthcare, gaming, cryptocurrency, e-commerce, marketplaces and payments.

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