Amazon no longer sells Nintendo eShop cards directly (Updated)

As some Nintendo fans know, the Big N and Amazon have had a difficult time getting along in the past. There have been many cases where first-party Nintendo games weren't available on Amazon's store, but we never got a clear answer. Recently, with Amazon canceling a wave of Switch game pre-orders, we had reason to believe the two companies were feuding again, and today brings us more evidence that the two companies are not on good terms.

While you can now buy Nintendo eShop cards on Amazon, you can only do so through third-party resellers. Amazon used to offer eShop cards directly, but without any warning or explanation, the option has disappeared from their online store. Likewise, you can still meet your e-store card needs on Amazon, but you'll have to use third-party options, some of which are obviously not as trustworthy as Amazon itself.

We've reached out to Nintendo for comment on the matter, but we're unlikely to get any explanation. Nintendo and Amazon always stay silent when they argue, and eventually the two companies will work things out. Hopefully they come to a resolution soon and the eShop card returns to Amazon in the near future.

renew: We've received comment from Nintendo of America on the matter, but unfortunately it doesn't provide any insight into what's going on. Nintendo's full statement on the matter is below:

We have nothing to announce on this topic.

We've also reached out to Amazon to try to clarify the matter. If they share a statement with us, we will make sure to update this article again.

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