BBC pitches 'Domino Day' to Sundance for AMC+

Sundance Now is heating up domino day, A BBC YA drama set in modern-day England about a young witch with extraordinary powers.

It began airing on BBC Three in the UK earlier this year and received positive reviews. domino day It will premiere in the U.S. this summer on Sundance Now and AMC+.

Set and filmed in Manchester, England, this supernatural six-parter stars BAFTA-nominated Sienna Kelly (Adult content, hit and run) as Domino Day, as a young woman on all dating apps. Domino, a young witch with extraordinary powers, desperately searches for a community that will understand who she is, but a coven of witches is already tracking her every move, You don't have to look far to be sure you have to stop her. Her power destroys everyone and everything around her.

domino day said Shannon Cooper, Sundance Now's vice president of programming. “Our viewers deeply love hugely popular series such as: discovery of witches and the recently successful gathering drama, Sanctuary: The Witch's Story, domino day A perfect companion. ”

Other UK series on Sundance Now include: long shadow and autumn.

domino day Produced by a company owned by Fremantle. responder Written by up-and-coming scribe Lauren Sequeira at the indie Dancing Ledge. Opposite Kelly are Babili Bukirwa as Sammy, Poppy Lee Fryer as Jeri, Alesha Bailey as Kat, Molly Harris as Jules, Sam Howard Sneed as Cyrus, and Purcell as Leon.・Ascot is included in the cast. The series also stars Lucy Kohfu, Christopher Jeffers, and Jonah Jeskiewicz.

Individual episodes are written by Charlene James (A Discovery of Witches, The Rising) and Haleema Mirza (S)secret invasion). This series was created by Eva Sigurdardóttir (Good night, rainbow party) and Nadira Amrani (extraordinary, cutting edge), Nick Pitt participates as a producer. Executive producers include Sequeira, Laurence Bowen, Chris Carey and Eleanor Day for Dancing Ledge, and Lucy Richer and Aiella Butt for BBC. Fremantle sells worldwide. The deal was brokered by Shirley Bowers, Fremantle's senior vice president of U.S. distribution, and Sundance's Cooper.

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