Former Domino's Pizza employee awarded €19,000 in sexual harassment case – Irish Times

In her first job at a Domino's Pizza restaurant out of school, a worker endured repeated sexual harassment from coworkers, who told her to have sex, told her to “do OnlyFans,” and handed her a name tag with a photo. After being injured, he was awarded compensation of 19,000 euros. chest area.

“They were actually yelling at the women they passed on the street,” the employee said of the pizza chefs at the shop in suburban Dublin, later adding: “I felt completely sexualized. I felt like my every move was sexualized.”

“I didn't really talk to my mom about it because it was awful. I go to work. She thought it was safe for me to be there. What's going on? I cried to my friends,” Jasmine Oral told the Workplace Relations Commission earlier this year.

She was 18 and still in middle school when she started working at the shop counter in February 2022, but she told WRC it was her first job ever.

The employment tribunal ordered the pizza shop's owner, Remo Foods, to pay Ms Oral €16,000 for sexual harassment and victimization in breach of the Employment Equality Act 1998, and a further €3,000 in breach of the Employment Equality Act. ordered to pay. Organizing Working Time Laws, 1997.

Remo Foods, the franchisee that operates 23 Domino's Pizza stores in the Republic, was also ordered to review the “effectiveness” of its anti-sexual harassment policies and training following the findings.

Ms. Oral said Mr. B., the assistant manager, repeatedly threatened to “hit” her with a shovel used to scoop pizzas from the oven. She told her, “She should do OnlyFans,” which she interpreted to mean she should make porn, and asked, “Can I watch it?” When she went to change into her uniform.

Ms. Oral said that on July 29, 2022, she and another employee arrived without name tags and were stopped by Mr. B, the assistant manager. The plaintiff stated that Mr. B entered the office with Mr. C, the assistant manager. , and another male employee, Mr. G, reappeared wearing a name tag.

“They gave me mine. There was a pair of breasts in there,” she said. According to Ms. Oral, her assistant manager, Mr. B, claimed that it was “strange.'' She went to her back room and cried for “an hour or two,” she said.

The complainant said that after giving his notice in September 2022, he found himself twice left for work early by his manager. Her lawyer Jason Murray BL, who appeared to have been instructed by Morgan Redmond's Martin O'Donnell law firm, argued that this amounted to “blatant harm” for reporting harassment to the store manager.

Judge Elizabeth Spellman said Ms Oral's evidence included “substantial details, including dates, names and locations”, as well as “corroborating evidence” – the name tag in question, which the complainant kept and brought to the hearing. He stated that there was credibility involved and that there were no issues in dispute.

“The defendant did not produce any witnesses to rebut the complainant's claims,” ​​Ms. Spellman added.

She found that Ms Oral had been “discriminated against and sexually harassed on the basis of her gender and in breach of equal employment legislation” and awarded her the maximum possible compensation of €13,000. she wrote. she complained.

She awarded a further €3,000 in compensation for damages under the same law and again ordered the same amount based on the fact that Ms Oral had not received a break under the Working Time Organization Act 1997. . Her total damages in this case were 19,000 euros. .

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