WWE 2K24 Chyna Amethyst MyFACTION Ranked Rewards Card

Online ranked players rejoice! The new WWE 2K24 MyFACTION Ranked Rewards have been revealed, and the prizes for making it to the top are huge. That’s right, two Amethyst Chyna MyFACTION Ranked Reward Cards have been added to the game for players who defeat their opponents in ranked matches this season.

WWE 2K24 MyFACTION Ranked Rewards will reward Galaxy Opal level players with an 89 OVR Amethyst Chyna card. Meanwhile, for those who will reach Pink Diamond level, the slightly lower rated 87 OVR Amethyst Chyna card is up for grabs.

Both cards have three side panel slots each and have flexibility in return. Resilience is one of our favorite rewards to use in MyFACTION, as it essentially gives you an extra life in the game mode as long as you have enough power in the special bar. As for badges, the 87-OVR Chyna features:

  • Silver Fury – Enter beast mode after taking serious damage
  • Sapphire Train of Pain – Increases running attack damage
  • Sapphires are about to get hot – kicking things off in some special ways
  • Sapphire sting like a bee – increases light and critical damage
  • Sapphire Ruthless Opportunist – Increased damage against stunned opponents

Meanwhile, the 89-OVR Chyna has the same badge but one more:

  • Sapphire Resolve – Enter tank mode after taking serious damage

These two cards are currently the highest rated cards in the entire MyFACTION game mode. This suggests that new cards released this season will likely include Amethyst cards as top rewards. That being said, getting these two cards will be a huge help to your roster, especially since there haven't been a lot of great female wrestler cards in the game mode so far.

“WWE 2K24” is currently available on PC via Steam, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X. Rating 10.

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