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Players can acquire two new Amethyst cards for use in MyFACTION, featuring the father-son duo of Rey and Mysterio Dominic.

When the new MyFACTION Live Events launch this Friday, two of them will offer a pair of Amethyst Live Event Bonus Cards to add to your collection. These two cards are the first two earnable cards of the Amethyst rarity in the WWE 2K24 MyFACTION game mode, making them excellent targets for expanding your collection.

Getting these two cards will definitely add to your collection, as having two Amethysts in your roster will help complete content in the game mode. Paired with the upcoming Umaga and Roman Reigns '24 cards, these two are one of the great new cards that upcoming players in MyFACTION have to get.

How to Unlock Amethyst Rey Mysterio '06 Live Event Rewards

WWE 2K24 Amethyst Rey Mysterio '06 Live EventMyFACTION

The WWE 2K24 MyFACTION live event “Betrayal of Rey – Batista Chapter” requires the Superstar Series I Gold Rey Mysterio Card, which is not difficult to unlock. Players who have been playing MyFACTION since day one may have opened this card from a card pack before, but if not, it is not too expensive to purchase this card directly from the Card Market.

This match is an Extreme Rules match against Batista, which should make this match easier to win than usual. Since the Rey Mysterio '06 card is a top-tier reward, this means players must complete the match multiple times to guarantee the card as a reward.

Getting this card is definitely a good idea. After all, this is the first Amethyst card you can get in the game. At an OVR rating of 86, having this card in your roster will easily clear out the rest. The card has three side panel slots, a low hit return, and is not always available in matches, but has the following powerful emblems:

  • Bee-like Silver Sting – Increases light and critical damage
  • Gold Quick Climber – Increases climbing speed
  • Sapphire Lionheart – Recovers some damage after executing a finisher
  • Sapphire Dive Bomber – increased dive damage

Unfortunately, while this Amethyst card is based on the WrestleMania 40 version of Rey Mysterio, the MyFACTION card is not a character card and therefore does not allow players to unlock the character outside of the game mode without DLC.

How to Unlock Amethyst “Dirty” Dominic Mystic Live Event Rewards

"dirty" Dominik Mysterio Amethyst MyFACTION Live Event

“Dirty” Dominic Mysterio is also an Amethyst card that you can get through the “Betrayal of Rey – Dirty Dom Chapter” live event in the next few days. This new card requires the aforementioned Rey Mysterio '06 Amethyst card to unlock. You must use this card to win a ladder match against Dom Dom, and the reward for winning is unlocking the Amethyst Live Event Reward Card.

Again, this card is a top-tier bonus, so players may need to win multiple times to get a new card.

“Dirty” Dominic Mysterio is an 86 OVR forward, which puts him on the same level as his father. He also has a low hit return and three side plate slots, as well as the following badges:

  • Bee-like Silver Sting – Increases light and critical damage
  • Golden Ruthless Opportunist – Increased damage against unconscious opponents
  • Sapphire Train of Pain – Increases running attack damage
  • Sapphire Stamina – Recovers some damage when kicking a pin

To be honest, Dom's kit isn't that impressive, but the stats still make him worth the trouble.

“WWE 2K24” is currently available on PC via Steam, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X. Rating 10.

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